How to make a gift to the wedding brother

Before you proceed to the selection of a present for the wedding, well remember, in what places he likes to go your brother what he's into, he likes to go on holiday. You may remember that he had long wanted to visit some city or country. In this case, a pleasant surprise for him to be a romantic trip for two to one of the coveted places.

If he's been collecting coins or postcards, you can do a search for this rare instance, who in his collection. Original gift will be a set of good vintage wines with a set of engraved glasses.

Do not forget about home interior products. In this case, your flight of fancy is limited only by the cost of the gift.
You can select from, starting with crystal vases for flowers or a fluffy blanket and ending with washing machine latest model and a large TV with a LED display.

An unexpected surprise

To choose a surprise for the newlyweds can be, based on the list of latest novelties on the market today gifts. The perfect gift can be a gift certificate for a flight on a hang-glider or hot-air balloon. Surprise will be the ticket to the water Park or skating rink, a sports club or a restaurant.
You can give love a photo shoot with a professional photographer.

You can also give the newlyweds a beautiful original figure vehicle, house or poultry, made from banknotes. This unusual gift will be remembered not only for the bride and groom, but to all those present at the wedding.

If you love to create something with your hands, you can develop a homemade calendar using for each month the most successful photographs of young, adding even a picture of them in childhood. It is possible to create an entire photo-album of the newlyweds in the style of scrapbooking. It will look original and you will be sure that such a thing they will have only a single copy. Create a movie about young, if you have kept pictures of them in childhood, there may be video frames. If you have any difficulties with the selection of baby pictures of the bride, ask for help from her parents, friends and relatives.

If none of the above came, should think about monetary gift. Banknotes, packaged in a beautiful gift envelope, yet not a single person was left untouched.