You will need
  • icon of Kazan mother of God (bride's parents);
  • the icon of the Savior (groom's parents);
  • long towel.
Young bless the bride's parents, "letting go of her father's house to the new family. This is done directly before leaving home on the wedding ceremony. A blessing is a sacrament, so it is not carried out publicly. The bride's parents and the young should take some time away from the guests and go to another room.
The blessing is the image of the Kazan mother of God. If the family it is not – the icon can be pre-purchased from the temple. You will also need a towel – icons are not made to take the bare hands.
Grab a towel, then with his help - icon rotating manner in the direction of the bride and groom. First bless the bride. Strict formula does not exist, just from my heart wish her family life, happiness, prosperity, love. Crossed the bride icon and bring the image so she could to kiss him. In the same way naputstvuya and groom. The icon, which produced the blessing, you have to take to the Church for the wedding ceremony.
The groom's parents bless the newlyweds when they return after making the wedding as a sign that the acceptance of the daughter in your family, in your home. The rite is exactly the same, but instead of the icon of Kazan mother of God does the icon of the Savior. After the rite is completed, the youngest in the towel brought bread and salt.
The icons which parents bless their children on marriage, put on a festive table, and after the celebrations occupy a special place in the couple's home – they are considered the guardians of a young family.