You will need
  • - the icon of the Savior;
  • - the icon of the mother of God;
  • - 2 linen towels;
  • - loaf;
  • Sol.
Young needs to prepare for the wedding in advance. Both of them should be baptized in the Orthodox faith. In some cases, may be belonging one marriage to another Apostolic Church, but it is required to warn the priest. If the couple decided to adhere to the ancient rite, they have a few days before the wedding to confess and take communion. This can be done just before the wedding, arriving there in advance. The Church also recommends that to comply with before the ceremony post.
Mandatory part of the Orthodox wedding ceremony - the blessing of the parents. It begins at the bride's home before the couple will go for registration. Print the bride and groom into the room, where there are no strangers.
The bride's parents blessing to the marriage of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. In the old days this icon had handed down, and was in every home. Now you can buy it in the temple. Make sure in advance. Grab a towel, and with it - the icon image to the side of the bride and groom.
Bless the bride the sincere wishes of love and happiness. A single form of the blessing, no words just have to go from the heart. Tell me what you wish prosperity to the house, which she enters, healthy and happy children.
Crossed the bride-to-be icon. Bring her a way that she could to kiss him.
Contact with parting words to the groom. Wish him love, happiness, prosperity, prosperity in the house. Crossed his icon and give it a kiss.
In the old days after the blessing at the bride's home the young hands were tied up in a towel that was holding the icon. Wrapped hands in one round and tied the knot, after the next round - another node, and so as long as allows the length of the towel.According to ancient legend, how many knots will succeed - and many would kids, so parents trying to choose a towel longer. The icon at this time gently put on the table, and then took with him to the Church.
From the bride's house a couple entering into marriage go to the registry office, then to the Church. After the wedding everyone goes to the groom's house, and there the newlyweds are greeted with bread and salt and bless his parents. The rite is exactly the same as in the bride's house, only does the icon of the Savior. The groom's parents say that taking into his home a daughter-in-law, she will be fine, wish happiness to young children, well-being. They baptize the young and give to kiss the image. Icons after the ceremony, put on a festive table.