In the sacrament of marriage, the Lord blesses and sanctifies the future spouses of their Union. Wedding is not only a beautiful ceremony but also a very important step, which is made only once in life. To approach the sacrament should seriously. The groom and the bride become each other's spouses forever before God.
Traditionally, the parents of the bride and groom are brought to the sacrament of icons of the Saviour and of the virgin, these icons were transferred as a patrimonial relic from parents to children. The bride's parents presented the icon of the Savior groom, and the groom's parents bless the bride with an icon of the virgin. If the parents of the newlyweds are not participating in the sacrament, icons to the wedding bring the groom and the bride. Wedding icons in the sacrament the priest blesses the spouses then presents the icons to the bride and groom as a sign that their Union sanctified by divine grace.
Wedding icons you can buy directly of the Sacrament in the Church shop. Many young couples come to the purchase of wedding icons with trepidation. Go to the Church shop or biggest store in advance and see which style icons are closer to you. The icon of the Savior is generally written in the style of "the Lord Almighty," and the image of our lady can be anything. When you select the icon, you can navigate to the image venerated in your family, if it's not, you can select the image of Kazan, before which they pray for the blessing of marriage, "Theodore", is known to help in childbirth, giving birth to healthy children, or "Immortal flower" which stands for love, loyalty and harmony between the spouses. Wedding icons also write to order. The writing of icons is a very time consuming job and requires a lot of time, so order handwritten icons in advance.
Icons for wedding is often called "the wedding couple". This is due not only to their quantity. If you decided to book a handwritten icons, they will write at the same time in the same style. Wedding icons can be decorated with ornaments, gold, items of clothing may be prescribed from melted gold and decorated with natural pearls.
To the wedding as a gift, you can bring other icons, but they are not equivalent wedding icons, which directly participate in the Sacrament. A wonderful gift to the bride and groom will be the icons of saints - the blessed Staritsa Matrona of Moscow, of blessed St. Xenia and St. Nicholas and St. Sergius of Radonezh.