Traditionally, the rite of blessing should be performed before registration of marriage and a ceremony of redemption. For example, it may be held on the eve of the day of the wedding or a few days before him. However, currently, this ritual sometimes becomes a part of the wedding program when already betrothed newlyweds met the parents and other guests, congratulations on the marriage and invited to the table. Decide in advance when to expect the blessing, to avoid confusion during the wedding.
In the rite of blessing involved as the groom's parents and bride's parents. The father and mother of the groom get up close to each other in front of the son. Father while holding a icon with the image of Christ. According to the religious laws, the groom with the blessing kneels. The father and mother take turns baptize three son icon. The bridegroom then makes the sign of the cross and is applied to the face of Christ kissing the icon. In the same manner the ceremony was performed by the father and mother of the bride. Unlike the rite in this case is only used in the icon. This time it must be shown not Jesus Christ and the virgin Mary.
The conclusion of Church marriage provides other phases, which must necessarily involve the parents of the bride and groom. For example, immediately after the engagement the young married in the Church. At this point, parents must wait behind the newlyweds. The mother and father of the groom get up closer to the son, and the parents of the bride - closer to daughter. Upon completion of the sacraments of the Church, the marriage of the groom's parents should go home and prepare for the meeting of the newlyweds.
The groom's parents according to Orthodox traditions once again bless a new family after the wedding, inviting me to enter the house is already on the rights of the husband and wife. The father holds in his hands the icon of the virgin and the mother loaf with a quarter-liter bottle of salt. Young tear off a piece of bread, dipped in salt and feed each other. The father of the groom baptizes young icon, and the mother says: "Welcome! Bread and salt!" It is believed that this ritual will help to make the house "hospitable", that is, generous refreshments, and a young family is all in abundance. After the ceremony, the parents in turn hug and kiss on the cheek to the bride and groom and also tell them your wishes. In the old days after that guests as well as themselves to the bride and groom were invited to the table. Today, if the wedding celebrations are not held in the house, and in a special institution, the entire company can go there.