Saints Peter and Fevronia

Since ancient times, are the patrons of family and marriage. The life of this Holy couple is an example of not only a successful marriage but also of love, loyalty, wisdom, patience, which is available only to the most pure hearts. They will help those who come to him to pray about marriage, and give them a good groom, peace in the family, and reprove the unbelieving spouse. The story of their romantic love ensures the efficacy of prayer.

The Saint Nicholas

To Saint Nicholas turn in the most difficult moments of life. Through the prayers of this Holy daily performed many miracles. He helps people in distress, who are in difficult circumstances. He pray before a difficult road, before making important decisions. And what could be more important than the decision to marry and create a happy family with a decent choice! So Nicholas helps girls who ask about a happy marriage. According to legend, St. Nicholas gave the father of the family, going from despair because of poverty and hunger to take his daughters for fornication, three burl gold. The money not only saved the family from sin, but to all daughters marry successfully enabled.

St. Xenia Of Petersburg

According to old legend it especially helps girls to find their favourite. The history of the life of Xenia of St. Petersburg is associated with many beautiful legends. For example, she once came into the family, where they lived the mother with a marriageable daughter, and told the girl: "Run on the Okhta, where your husband wife funeral. The girl was surprised because she and the groom-it was not, not that of the husband. But we listened. When mother and daughter ran in Ohta, saw a young widower, who was weeping from grief on the grave of his wife so much that I blacked out. And when I woke up, on hands ran up the girl, fell in love with it and a year later they played the wedding.

The icon of the Mother of God "the Unfading blossom"

This icon candles and pray for the right choice of spouse. The mother of God helps to join happy marriage and create a happy family life, and can resolve the most intractable family problems.

Icon Of St. Paraskeva

Her praying girl of marriageable age. It not only helps in speedy a successful marriage, but marriage is an intercessor. Before the icon of St. Paraskeva Friday in every house where there are women standing. She was with all the hidden heart girls ' aspirations are connected.