Employment of a temporary employee , or other documentation, refer to the Labour code (article 59), which States that in respect of such personnel is necessary to conclude a fixed term contract having a specific expiration date. For legal writing, invite the person to write the application addressed to the Director General. Register it in the incoming correspondence log (if available), statement, assign a serial number and fill in the appropriate form.
Remove copies from all documents of the employee that are necessary for work: passport, INN, pension insurance certificate (SNILS), the document on education, driver's license (if position requires it to have), a medical certificate.
Place your order on admission to work. In the line "conditions of employment" indicate that the employee is temporarily, you should designate a time frame. Sign the document, give the signature of the employee.
Make fixed-term employment contract. It is required to specify the nature of the work, the rights and obligations of the parties. If the employee is temporarily in place of the regular worker, please include the names of key personnel. Be sure to write the time of work, order of payment. If an employee in this position permanently, extending your vacation for any reason, to make fixed-term employment contract supplementary agreement.
Skomplektovat own business temporary employee and set up a personal profile in which in the future will make all the changes in the employment relationship. At the request of the employee record in the work book of the new place of work.