Advice 1: How to get rid of chemical burns on the face

Chemical burn is a lesion tissue surface due to contact with salts of heavy metals, corrosive liquids, acids, alkalis and other chemically active components. As a rule, such injuries occur as a result of non-compliance with safety regulations and due to unfortunate accidents. Burn can be quite strong and leave a bad memory in the form of a scar, especially if it is located on the face.
How to get rid of chemical burns on the face
First and foremost it should be noted that in the event of a chemical burn on the front part, it is mandatory to consult a doctor for help. Because some agents in addition to the burn can cause General poisoning of the body directly toxic substances. In addition, often this injury is accompanied by shock with which to cope is almost impossible.

First, the chemicals are immediately removed from the face by washing with water, and then neytralizuya specific drugs for 15 minutes. For acids, usually used two-percent solution of baking soda and alkaline substances are washed with a weak solution of vinegar or citric acid.

In the treatment of chemical burns help the well-proven medicines such as ointment Vishnevskogo, a gel "Contractubex", "Panthenol", "Solcoseryl". Also, as antiseptics use alcohol-free form of iodine and preparations, which contains silver, has wound-healing effect. It is worth to note that this conservative treatment the therapy requires patience and, of course, obedience to all the prescriptions of the doctor.

Appeal to the beautician to remove scars on face from chemical burn

An effective way to quickly get rid of the scar on the face, is considered a cosmetic technique. In just a few treatments to completely remove a scar, and almost painless. In addition, to remove the scar using a superficial and median peels, in particular with the use of fruit acids. This method helps to equalize the skin texture and changes the color of the face.

In the case of atrophic scars with laser correction is applied, activates the synthesis of collagen, which leads to rapid healing of the scar.

Folk remedies in the treatment of chemical burns on the face

There are several popular recipes that you can use in the fight against chemical burns. Antibacterial and nourishing properties of aloe Vera juice, which copes with inflammation, heals the affected skin. For curative treatment of a burn should be to apply the juice of this plant to the wound surface twice a day for weeks.

Vitamin E also promotes rapid healing of burns, because it has antioxidant in its natural form. For greater effect, this vitamin is mixed with oil based on rose petals and the resulting mixture lubricate the affected places twice a day.

Advice 2: How to remove the burn on face

The face is always on view. No doubt to hide flaws and defects on the face is more difficult than on other parts of the body. Moreover, such a flaw, as the trace of a burn. Methods for the treatment or camouflage of a burn on the face is largely dependent on the extent of skin lesions.
How to remove the burn on face
In the case of mild sunburn is necessary to bring the temperature of the face to normal. To do this, dip the face into cold water, then apply a special remedy for burns. Do not use oil or vaseline – this can lead to a reverse effect or even cause inflammation. In more serious cases consult a doctor.
Any skin regeneration takes time. From proper care of the burn in this period determines the final result. Regularly use the burn tool, accelerating the healing process and contributing to disinfection of the surface of the skin. Do not remove the resulting "crust", do not deform the skin, this creates the risk that after healing of the burn will remain on the skin spots or scars.
Use folk remedies that promotes healing of burns, if the skin damaged by the sun too much. These would fit a cold compress of black or green tea mask from fresh cucumber or peeled potatoes. You can also cool off in the water or in the refrigerator for the cheese, wrap it in cheesecloth and apply to the damaged areas of the face.
More severe facial burns by boiling water, chemicals or fire can leave distinct footprints that are much more serious than simple redness of the skin. Creams and folk remedies to cope with them is virtually impossible. To resolve this problem, contact your beautician, go salon treatments recommended in your specific case.
In the presence of scars and scar tissue formed on the skin after burns, consult a plastic surgeon. At the present time to eliminate burn scars successfully used laser resurfacing – it helps to make the scar tissue thinner, to hide explicit signs of deformation of the skin.
If the degree of the burn, unable to disguise it. To do this, purchase a tinted moisturizer and powder dense texture with a large number of pigments. Such tools can be found in the line of professional or medical cosmetics.

Advice 3: How to get rid of scar from burn

After the deep (II-III degree) thermal or chemical burns on the skin often leaves scars. Post-burn scars bring a lot of trouble to their owners: they can hurt clothing, and much in the way especially when located close to joints – in this case, they can even obstruct the movement of the limbs. There are several variants of the formation of post-burn scars. Depending on their species and how long they were, and recommended a particular method of getting rid of them.
How to get rid of scar from burn
You will need
  • ointment contractubex;
  • - chitosan gel;
  • - wheat germ oil;
  • - silicone adhesive cica-care.
The most favorable outcome of burns is the formation of so – called normotroficheskie scars flush with the skin. They usually are almost imperceptible and differ from the surrounding surface by color alone. Try to get rid of them by peeling with fruit acids – this procedure may have to repeated several times.
Small fresh burn scars, especially in children, try to make them less visible, rubbing them ointment contractubex, chitosan gel or wheat germ oil.
The above tools can be used for getting rid of deeper atrophic scars, which are located below the level of the skin. However, they will not be sufficient, since the formation of these scars is due to a defect of the connective tissue beneath them. In this case, try chemical peels of varying degrees – from superficial to deep, depending on the condition of the scar. For choice varieties, consult a doctor-cosmetologist. Effective and Lasik, as the laser stimulates collagen production.
To prevent the occurrence of burns due to the huge, bright hypertrophic scars many helps special silicone adhesive cica-care. Almost 90% of cases it softens and discolors post-burn scars, making them practically invisible. Before applying you should consult with your physician. Effective this patch only on fresh scars.
The most unpleasant consequence of the appearance of burns is the formation of so-called keloids. They protrude above the surface of the skin, itch and ulcerate, have a tendency to rise and fall within the boundaries of the damaged surface. Their causes are still not clear. It is believed to trigger the growth of keloid scars could injury or infection of the wound surface. Noticed also that they often develop on the hands and the upper half of the body. Previously, such scars are treated only surgically. In this method of treatment, the scar excised, superimposed on top of it a neat cosmetic seam – it is, in any case, less conspicuous. A few months later, after complete healing, you can try to make himself more invisible seam, using the above-described ointments, oils and gels. At the present time for removal of keloid scars successfully applied laser. All other means against them, powerless. Try to start with laser correction – it is less traumatic. And only if it does not help, is to resort to surgery.

Advice 4: How to quickly get rid of the burn

Thermal burn on the skin caused by exposure to boiling water, hot grease, flame or molten metal. To quickly get rid of the burn, reduce pain and prevent swelling, take advantage of valuable recommendations. But remember that to treat at home only small superficial burns, with the wound infection and the presence of pus immediately call for help in a medical facility.
How to quickly get rid of the burn
You will need
  • - oak bark;
  • - gauze;
  • - the urine;
  • - interior lard;
  • spruce oleoresin;
  • - beeswax;
  • - lime.
Oak bark is a great remedy for many troubles, so it just need to have in the home medicine Cabinet. Not wasting any time when you burn, prepare the following decoction: take a tablespoon of oak bark and pour a glass of boiling water, put on the stove and simmer for eight minutes. Strain the cooled broth and moisten it a piece of gauze, apply to the affected burn the skin. Three or four times a day to change the lotion, leave the compress on the night, tie a bandage. This method also works well with sun burnH.
If you receive a burn, immediately dip the burnt surface of the skin in cold water, hold ten to fifteen minutes. Then apply a gauze dressing, keep in mind that the bandage should be sterile. Call an ambulance, because in severe cases you may need skin grafts. In any case, do not apply ice to the burnt site, this can lead to necrosis of cells and as a consequence no recovery of the skin in the future.
Upon receipt of the burn begin to act immediately. If he struck a small area of the surface of the skin, use the old folk remedy – the urine. It is considered an excellent remedy for burns, in the composition of urine includes a bile acid, which breaks down and absorbs the damaged cells of the skin, and urea, possessing antiseptic properties. Soak a gauze bandage in the urine and apply on the burned surface, periodically moisten the bandage, do not let it dry. Even with a strong burnx urine prevents the formation of scars on the skin.
Prepare at home burn ointment. To do this, mix one hundred grams interior lard, one hundred grams of spruce gum and one hundred grams of beeswax. Put the mixture heated on a water bath, boil. Gently wash the wound with lime water (to prepare, dissolve a tablespoon of lime in a liter of lukewarm water) and apply a gauze bandage with ointment prepared. Even the most severe wounds heal after three to five such procedures.

Advice 5: How to get rid of freckles

Few believe that freckles adorn their faces and try every imaginable and unimaginable ways to get rid of them. However, specialists recommend to start with, try simply to prevent from occurrence. And for this purpose perfectly suited a good sunscreen.
How to get rid of freckles

It should be noted that this tool can benefit both women and men. However, it is necessary to comply with the rule, which says that light skin should use sunscreen with a large SPF numerical coefficient which shows the degree of reduction skin absorption of ultraviolet radiation. To use such a cream must approximately since March. Apply half an hour before going outside.

Experts recommend that people who are prone to freckles not to go outside the “peak” of solar activity: from eleven in the morning until three in the afternoon.

The formation of melanin pigment substances, which appear freckles, prevents vitamin C, so its consumption is recommended by specialists.

To get rid of freckles that have appeared on the face, on their own, allow diverse modern bleaching lotions and creams. However, their use is fraught with dangers, the cause of which may be basic ignorance. In order for the best effect, you need to be knowledgeable not only about the type of own skin, but that skin requires a substantial period of time. In addition, the use of bleaching agents is recommended in the evening to a reduced resistance of the skin to sunlight was not the cause of burns.

A huge number of folk remedies are also quickly enable you to get rid of freckles. The first in this list is a decoction of chopped fresh parsley which should infuse for at least three hours. This broth is recommended to wipe the face twice a day, morning and evening.

Next in popularity is a decoction of dandelion root, which is made and used similarly to the decoction of parsley. The same effect have herbs such as yarrow, licorice, and bearberry.

The mask of fresh cucumbers and berries mask of red currants and strawberries are also popular, along with fresh cucumber juice.

Use for bleaching facial citric acid, requires special caution because it may cause irritation: a procedure must end with the application of nourishing cream.


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