First and foremost it should be noted that in the event of a chemical burn on the front part, it is mandatory to consult a doctor for help. Because some agents in addition to the burn can cause General poisoning of the body directly toxic substances. In addition, often this injury is accompanied by shock with which to cope is almost impossible.

First, the chemicals are immediately removed from the face by washing with water, and then neytralizuya specific drugs for 15 minutes. For acids, usually used two-percent solution of baking soda and alkaline substances are washed with a weak solution of vinegar or citric acid.

In the treatment of chemical burns help the well-proven medicines such as ointment Vishnevskogo, a gel "Contractubex", "Panthenol", "Solcoseryl". Also, as antiseptics use alcohol-free form of iodine and preparations, which contains silver, has wound-healing effect. It is worth to note that this conservative treatment the therapy requires patience and, of course, obedience to all the prescriptions of the doctor.

Appeal to the beautician to remove scars on face from chemical burn

An effective way to quickly get rid of the scar on the face, is considered a cosmetic technique. In just a few treatments to completely remove a scar, and almost painless. In addition, to remove the scar using a superficial and median peels, in particular with the use of fruit acids. This method helps to equalize the skin texture and changes the color of the face.

In the case of atrophic scars with laser correction is applied, activates the synthesis of collagen, which leads to rapid healing of the scar.

Folk remedies in the treatment of chemical burns on the face

There are several popular recipes that you can use in the fight against chemical burns. Antibacterial and nourishing properties of aloe Vera juice, which copes with inflammation, heals the affected skin. For curative treatment of a burn should be to apply the juice of this plant to the wound surface twice a day for weeks.

Vitamin E also promotes rapid healing of burns, because it has antioxidant in its natural form. For greater effect, this vitamin is mixed with oil based on rose petals and the resulting mixture lubricate the affected places twice a day.