You will need
  • - aloe
  • - vitamin E
  • pumpkin
  • - Kalanchoe
  • - potatoes
  • - rose hips
  • list mother and stepmother
  • wax
  • - vegetable oil
Use for the treatment of burns aloe leaves. Cut off the tip of one of the lower leaves, remove the skin and put the pulp on the affected area of the skin. With regular use, plants the wound heals quickly.
Apply for a burn solution of vitamin E, which in addition to healing actions that will prevent scar formation. It is important that burnt spot at the time of application of vitamin was already chilled under running cold water for at least 20 minutes.
Clean the pumpkin, RUB on a small grater and apply the resulting mush to the affected area. Also rapid healing of burns helps in the attachment of the mass, made from mashed leaf of Kalanchoe pinnate.
Apply to the burned area of the crushed raw potatoes. Top make a sterile dressing. Change the potato mixture fresh as it is heated.
Take equal quantities of rose hips and leaves the mother and stepmother, chop. Pour a tablespoon of the mixture Cup boiling water, leave for three hours. Do with this solution gadgets, which not only promote rapid healing of burns, but also have anti-inflammatory action.
If you are burned by the sun, it helps cream. Lubricate her reddened seat, and soon the skin will be restored.
Dissolve in 100 grams of boiled water, 3 grams of Shilajit. Use a solution for irrigation of damaged skin.
Prepare a homemade ointment of wax and oil. To do this, heat 200 ml of crude oil and dip into it a piece of cleaned beeswax the size of a walnut. Allow to cool and lubricate the deified places.