The first thing to eliminate damaging factors. If the burn is thermal, then wash the injury with cold water. This will reduce the pain and redness. If the mucous membrane has suffered from acid, alkali or medicines, should repeatedly rinse the burn with running water to remove all remnants of harmful substances. Remember, however, that if the mucous came quicklime, then irrigation is strictly prohibited. In this case, use a lotion with 20% sugar solution. Do not RUB the injured area when washing.
Further treatment depends on the nature of the burn. Thermal lesion causes severe pain and redness of the mucosa, and in severe cases, blistering and ulcers. There is a danger of secondary infection, so if the wound is on the mucous membrane of the mouth, before eating, apply antiseptic. To reduce the pain, before eating, rinse your mouth with 1% solution of novocaine or other pain medication. In severe cases, contact physician.
Chemical burns treat with neutralizing solution. If the mucous membranes were acid, it will help the soap solution, 2% solution drinking soda, or deadburned magnesia with water. Neutralize the alkali with 1% solution of citric or acetic acid. The phenol is removed with 70% alcohol or castor oil.
Further obezbolivatmi the burn when eating and use special ointments and creams to accelerate the healing process, which are sold in any drugstore. These include the ointment of propolis, sea buckthorn oil.