Treatment of minor burns

Burns first and second degree, in which affect the upper layers of the skin, quite painful, but are insignificant. The wounds from such burns heal quickly enough. If you got a burn, place the injured skin area in cold water for 15 minutes. Don't apply ice, it may aggravate the injury. Take any pain medication and wrap the wound layers of gauze, it will protect it from dust and dirt. Do not apply tight bandages, they would impede the flow of air that will increase the healing time of the burn. If the burn involves large areas of skin (more than 7 cm), consult a doctor.

The treatment of severe burns

Burns third and fourth degree in which the affected layer of skin is completely burned, is considered heavy. When such injuries should immediately seek help from doctors. Before the arrival of the ambulance, try to reduce the temperature of the affected area of skin a short exposure to cold compress. Do not immerse the burn in cold water or use ice. If the fire on the burned site ceased, keep him the rest of his clothes, it can greatly increase the trauma.

Treatment of chemical burns

Chemical burns are most often found in manufacturing, they occur under the influence of various acids and alkalis. Such insidious burns that continue to spread even after the immediate effects on the skin. Upon receiving such a burn, you should immediately stop the impact of chemicals, using brush. Remove clothing and jewelry that have come in contact with chemicals. Rinse the burnt skin with cold water to remove any residual substances and cover the wound with a dry dressing. Be sure to consult your doctor.