You will need
  • - gauze bandage;
  • - toothpaste;
  • - aloe juice;
  • pumpkin;
  • - ointment with regenerative properties;
  • - liquid vitamin E.
If the burn resulted from chemical action or heat sources, you need to quickly wash the injured area with cold running water. If the skin stuck to clothing, do not try to tear it off together with the skin – you will complicate the condition and will create conditions for wound infections and the formation of long lasting scars.
Do not lubricate the burns oil compositions – this is the condition of the tissues will only get worse, because the burned surface will lose the opportunity to cool off. Also, do not lubricate the skin with vaseline, cream, dairy, whipped eggs or alcohol solutions. Do not apply to the wound pieces of ice, as this can cause frostbite and tissue.
Cover the injured area with a sterile gauze bandage, if possible, secure the bandage. Not suitable for this purpose wool and plaster, so only use bandages and gauze to the desired size.
On the second day after burn injury begin to wash the injury site with cold water, remove the bandage, clean the skin, wait until dry and cover with a sterile bandage again.
Light thermal burns (splashing from the boiling water, damage to the ferry, etc.) can be lubricated ordinary toothpaste, without whitening and abrasive components. Keep it on the burn for a few hours a day, and then let the skin rest.
Decontaminate your place burn, lubricating it with aloe juice. Prevent the appearance of rough scars, applying daily to burn the pulp of fresh pumpkin pulp.
When the skin is freed from dead cells, you should start applying healing ointment. It may be oily solutions buckthorn liquid vitamin e Gels and ointments with regenerating properties ("Solkoseril", "nasal spray") will help the tissues recover faster, smooths the skin surface, will prevent the infected areas. Lubricate the skin several times a day, not covering the skin with bandages. Reducing drugs will have to apply for a long period of time – only then we can assess the effect.
If skin has formed blisters, do not open them and do not let accumulated under the skin fluid. If necessary, it will make the doctors in the hospital and regular antiseptic treatment.