In places where the work is carried out with chemical reagents, as a rule, are substances that neutralize chemicals that can cause burns. If they are not, or in search of time to be most effective in this case, it is abundantly wash the injury with running water for 15-30 minutes. Water not only washed away the active ingredient, but will cool the damaged skin, will help to relieve the pain. However, the skin affected by the burnand quicklime, in any case can not be washed with water. In this case, the damaged spot is smeared with a rich layer of fat.
Whatever the size of the damaged area, the victim should be transported to the clinic. The effects of chemical burnand can appear after some time. Besides, the layman it is quite difficult to determine the degree of damage to the skin.
The quality of the measures taken as the result of the first medical aid depends on the success of further treatment. So when you burnOh the acid damaged area is washed with 1% soda solution and then 0.5% solution of ammonia. Alkaline burnand washed with 2% acetic or citric acid. Skin damaged by pesticides or herbicides, treated alternately with ethanol and gasoline.
As a means to treat chemical burns apply an aqueous solution of iodine and preparations based on silver. They contribute to the disinfection of damaged skin, and dried it. With a strong burnOh, delivering trouble to the victim, prescribe pain medication.
At home for speedy recovery of burnt skin can be used the oil solution of vitamin E or oil from seeds of sea buckthorn. It is applied to a piece of sterile gauze, and then applied to the skin, free from dead tissue.
To soothe itching at the site of damaged area you can use the decoction of oak bark. To do this, 1 tablespoon of dry raw materials, pour a glass of boiling water and put on low heat for 3-5 minutes. Ready broth should strain and use as a lotion.