You will need
  • -potatoes;
  • -aloe;
  • -lemon;
  • -cucumber;
  • -parsley;
  • -sea buckthorn oil.
To avoid stains after the burn, they should be properly treated: dry to protect against infections, reduce inflammation, timely and regularly lubricate intended for this purpose ointments. In this case, the cells are actively updated and the burn marks will remain.
For a more rapid disappearance of the spots protect the injury from exposure to direct sunlight. To do this, before going out to lubricate the stain sunscreen. It is not necessary in this situation to get a tan and visit the Solarium.
Use folk remedies:

Potatoes clean the injured place, cutting it into slices, but you can grate it on a grater and apply to the skin.
Apply the aloe leaf, peeled on one side from the skin, to the skin or wipe the burn of the juice of this plant.
Add lemon juice to the cream that you always use, and densely cover them skin.
Even better, if you make a special mask. Connect a little butter and beeswax (2:1), heat it in a water bath, cool, add lemon juice and apply to the skin. This remedy softens and nourishes the skin and has a bleaching effect.
Within a month, lubricate the site of the former burn sea buckthorn oil. It acts, according to the healers, even on old burn scars.
Apply to the injured place a slice of fresh cucumber or its pulp.
The leaves of parsley mash and apply on the skin as a compress.
To deal with burns there is also a lot of drugs, creams and serum with the effect of peeling and whitening that you buy at the pharmacy. Of course, you may not immediately notice the effect of their application, but after regular use for a couple of months you will see the difference. These funds destroy excessive formation of a pigment and reduces melanin production.
If the burn was damaged deeper layers of the skin, to cope with traces of burns by using the above means, you may not succeed. In this case consult a dermatologist, who will prescribe required examinations and direct the procedure.
You can also go to a good beauticians. In modern clinics for removal pigment spot of a various origin to use the superficial and deep peeling (exfoliation), cryomassage liquid nitrogen, alexandrite laser, vodolechenie, etc. the Laser beam also destroys the pigmentation and the spots are much lighter. This purpose can be used injection techniques of mesotherapy, when the skin is injected a special drug that destroys the pigment.