Advice 1: How the wound is healing after burn

The time of wound healing from burns depends on the degree of tissue damage. Wounds from minor burns run for a few days, while more serious damage can heal several weeks or even months.
How the wound is healing after burn

What is the burn

Burn is skin damage that occurs at high temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, when exposed to radiation, hot liquids, steam, fire, explosive liquids and gases, chemicals or electricity.

Minor burns heal by themselves and require no treatment. More serious injuries require hospitalization and medical intervention to prevent infection, pain shock and death.

What are the burns

Burns are of three types: first, second and third degree. Burns of the first degree is a superficial skin burns, damage to the top layer of the skin. They do not require serious treatment as minor. But even first degree burns are extremely large and painful.

Second-degree burns affect the top two layers of skin. Third-degree burns are damage to the three layers of the skin. The higher the degree the burn, the more you will need time for healing.

How long to heal burns of different degrees

First degree burns can heal up to 20 days. Healing time depends on the damaged area. Longer heal wounds from burns on the face, hands, feet and groin. During healing, the skin may peel off the damaged skin.
To accelerate the healing of burns first degree will help the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Wounds from second degree burns heal longer, usually from 10 days to three weeks, provided that the affected person receive necessary medical assistance. If the wound is developing an infection, it will take time to heal.

A second-degree burn can be obtained by skin damage from corrosive agents that are found in some chemical cleaners. This burn will heal for 2.5 weeks. In this case, the skin blisters, the wound will get wet. In some cases, it is not excluded the appearance of scars.

Sunburn second degree also it takes about two weeks. It is important not to contaminate it with cream, which at the second degree burn cannot be used. The process of wound healing can be accelerated, using hand sanitizer and eating healthy food, which will help the tissues recover faster.
Electrical burns can damage the skin, but they can harm the internal organs.

At the time of wound healing from a burn is also influenced by depth and area of damage. After healing the skin will maintain the sensitivity to sunlight. To heal such a burn help supplements: zinc and vitamins C and E. the Process of healing will accelerate the contact of damaged skin with air, it is also necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations.

The period of wound healing from third-degree burns ranging from 6 weeks to a year. It depends on how healthy the victim is, and how serious the burn is. The wound from such a burn heal only at the edges, and in this case do a skin graft. With healthy areas of the body removes a thin layer of the skin and transplanted it on the damaged areas.

Advice 2: What to do if the wound does not heal

Often after some sort of trauma on the body remain the wound. If properly treated, recovery will be quick. There are tested recipes and recommendations that will be useful, if the wound is not healing for a long time.
What to do if the wound does not heal

Useful tips

The recovery of the damaged area of the body can be accelerated if immediately after receiving the injury, to handle it properly. Of course, in severe cases, you should immediately seek help at a health facility. The specialist will provide first aid and, if necessary, impose seams. In addition, the doctor will give valuable advice and useful recommendations.

If you consult with a qualified specialist is not obtained, the damaged area of the body should be treated with antiseptic, which is at hand: iodine, brilliant green etc. then it is necessary to impose a temporary sterile dressing. After 2 hours, you need to make the dressing, observing all safety rules. The wound is well healed, it is necessary to properly treat it. Remember to dress wounds should be 1-2 times a day. While wet and dry injury treated by different means.

If the wound must be washed, you can use hydrogen peroxide solution furatsilina and other aqueous solutions of antiseptics. Upon detection of the inflamed area surrounding the damage should immediately seek help from a doctor.

Pharmacy tools

From pharmacy remedies for healing wounds most commonly used drugs with provitamins or vitamins, for example, dexpanthenol or retinol acetate – provitamin B5. These drugs produced in the form of lotions, creams or ointments. They are ideal
suitable for handling dry damage.

Funds methyluracil have excellent anti-inflammatory action. However, such preparations actively stimulate cellular immunity. When using wounds heal quickly enough. These funds are also for the treatment of dry wounds.

One of the universal pharmaceutical drugs considered to be "Eplun". It heals wounds and has a pronounced regenerative properties. "Eplun is suitable for the treatment of radiation injuries, ulcers, burns, dermatitis, etc. This tool actively kills germs and cleans the wound from infections.

Folk remedies

Before applying the of traditional medicine, consult your doctor.

For the treatment of long-healing wounds helps the resin of coniferous trees. Collect it better in the beginning of summer with good straight trees. The resin previously melt and mix with pure butter in the ratio 1:1. This mixture is applied on the affected area 2 times a day.

For the treatment of boils, bruises, deep cuts, ulcers and abscesses are preparing a special ointment. Wax, honey, sunflower oil and fir resin are mixed in equal proportions. All the components are melt in a water bath until a homogeneous consistency. Ready ointment smeared the affected areas of the body 1-2 times a day.
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