To treated folk methods can only burns first and second degree (redness and small bubbles). The affected area will first need to hold under running water for 10-25 minutes, or impose on him a cold compress. Then you need to use a special spray that has antiseptic and analgesic properties, and then apply a bandage from sterile bandage. A few hours later, you can use folk remedies.

Carrots, plantain and agave for the treatment of burns

Carrots are rich in vitamin a, so it is possible to quickly restore the skin and heal the burn. You must RUB it and the resulting slurry was applied to the affected area. From the top you should apply a sterile gauze. Carrot poultice needs to be changed every 4 hours.

Take egg white and olive oil thoroughly mix all ingredients. The finished mixture is put on the burned skin, then cover with gauze and plastic film. Do these packs need twice a day until complete healing of the wound.

Plantain relieves pain and accelerates the regeneration process of the skin. The leaves of this plant you must first thoroughly washed, then resect with a knife and apply on the burnt skin. Top necessarily superimposed gauze, which is fixed additionally with a bandage.

Take the agave and squeeze the juice from the leaves. Lubricate them burn several times a day. The tool store in the refrigerator, so it has not lost its properties and is not spoiled.

Rose hips, beet, pumpkin and goose grease to treat burns

Use the infusion of the fragrant wild rose and mother and stepmother. Take 5 tbsp of these ingredients, pour boiling water, bring to the boil and allow to simmer for 5 minutes. Leave the mixture for 30 minutes, strain, moisten a cotton pad and apply on the sore spot. With the help of this tool you can get rid of pain, to accelerate tissue regeneration and prevent scarring.

Take the raw beets, wash, peel and grate. The resulting slurry was put on the burnt place. Cover with gauze and bandage. Make a compress need 2 times a day. Every time you want to prepare a new slurry.

Wonderful therapeutic properties of the mixture of crushed frankincense and goose fat. You want to take them in equal parts, put in a water bath, and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes. You should then cool the resulting ointment and apply on the burnt skin several times a day. Store must the fridge.

Take the peel of the pumpkin and dry it and then grind it into a powder. Component mix with butter, be sure to maintaining a ratio of 1:1. Put the mixture in a water bath and simmer for 4 hours. Use the resulting tool as a topical ointment several times a day. Its term of validity is 5 days.

Keep in mind that all these people's means are appropriate to use when on the skin are redness or blisters, open wounds, they can not be used, because it is possible the risk of infection and damage to the lower layers of the dermis.