Cool the burn as quickly as possible - put it under running cold water. If this is not done, the area and depth of the lesion will increase due to the fact that damaged by flame or boiling water tissue some time to retain the heat.
Determine the degree of the burn. At the first degree the damaged area is red, swelling appears, which is accompanied by pain. Second degree is characterized by redness and the bladder with turbid fluid. Victim concerned about severe pain, especially in the case of damage to the bubble shell. In the third degree occurs necrosis, which can be identified by the presence of scab on the lesion. With scalding liquids, it has a grayish color, in the case that damage occurred from exposure to open flame, the scab to turn black. Fourth degree different depth of damage. In this case, affects not only the skin and subcutaneous layer of fat, but also muscle and even bone. In the third and fourth degree burns require immediate hospitalization.
Treat the burnt spot ointment with panthenol, it accelerates the regeneration of tissues. There are sprays that contain the same active ingredient. With severe pain of this form of medication, even preferable, as it allows not to irritate the sore spot for more touches.
Bandage, if you have a second-degree burn. Sterile gauze, fixed in the damaged area with a bandage, will help to preserve the integrity of the bladder or to prevent sepsis in case it burst.
Treat the burnt spot with antiseptic agents. Ointments with furatsilina or syntomycin promote rapid healing.
Take advantage of the popular ways of treatment of burns. These include compresses of raw grated potatoes or from strong tea infuser. As well helps scalded with boiling water and wrapped in gauze sorrel.