Before the adoption of any measure necessary to assess the degree of the burn, all four of them. The first is the weakest, it is characterized by redness, swelling and soreness of the affected area of the skin. Second degree occurs when the formation of a bubble on the burn with liquid inside. The third - burned tissue die off, as can be seen by the presence of gray or black scab. The deepest fourth degree, it affects the deeper layers, including muscles and bones.

If you find signs of third or fourth degree, don't do anything! It can be dangerous to your health and lead to deterioration. Call an ambulance and wait for an expert who will handle your burn. The qualified help in such cases, the only chance to save the burnt spot and not to get it infection, life-threatening.

First or second-degree burns may be treated independently with proper treatment of the damaged surface. During the formation of the bubble in any case, do not pierce it, as you can cause infection and worsen the condition. Do not use vegetable oil - it retains heat and does not allow the skin to get rid of its excess, deteriorating condition of the burn.

Receiving a burn of any hot liquid and noticing the signs of third or fourth degree, immediately immerse the burned area under cold water. Not necessarily to direct the jet of water from the tap (this can cause pain), you can just dip your hand in a container of liquid and hold it there for ten minutes.

Treatment aims to reduce the negative effects of the burn and relieve the burning sensation and pain. With this task cope any product containing panthenol. He is able to accelerate the regeneration of tissues, reduce sensation and quickly heal a burn. Not be amiss to keep a house spray, which includes panthenol, with its help you will be able to process the damaged surface by yourself without causing even more pain.

There are many folk remedies, designed to deal with burns. Grate raw potatoes on a grater, wrap in cheesecloth and apply to burnt area for half an hour. Or brew tea, squeeze the tea and apply to the burn.

If the degree of the burn will have to bandage it up, she will not allow the penetration of infection into the tissue, even if the bubble bursts. Gauze must be sterile. If the bubble is large in size and long breaks, contact your doctor.