The consequences of fractures

Fractures "of the nerves of the road", which passes the nerve impulse, are broken, disrupting the passage of the pulse. As a result, people after injury or feel the pain or feels nothing. Over time, the body repairs damaged tissue, and nerve fibers re-grow towards each other, forming new paths for the passage of the pulse. However, in shivaami tissue scars are often formed, which sprout and nerves, making them particularly sensitive. They begin to respond to heat, cold or pressure, providing the person pain.

When pain intensity of fractures plays a major role not a person's age, and the remoteness of the fracture – the bigger it is, the higher the sensitivity of nerve fibers.

To accelerate the recovery of nerve pathways and alleviate the discomfort associated with this, you can use massage treatments, which use special gels and ointments with collagen. They are quite effectively improve the state of the tissues after fractures and have strong anti-inflammatory action. Folk remedies worked well nettle – you have to scroll through a meat grinder and put on the aching place of the fracture, covering the pulp mug and gently pribinova it to the body.

The cause of the pain of old fractures

Very often old fractures begin to ache after exercise, because the bone tissue loses a large amount of nutrients, and metabolic processes are violated. To the same cause, and senile degenerative changes – bones become thinner, and old injuries begin to ache even more. The same problem causes and overweight – if the guy ever broke a leg, the fracture site is subsequently given the increased workload associated with more weight. It will also lead to the emergence of pain.

To old fractures did not give complications in the form of periodic aching pain, it is necessary to strengthen the bones with calcium and dosed physical loads.

Also old injury in the form of fractures may be painful in the presence of disorders of collagen synthesis, diseases of the circulatory system (in leukemia or lymphoma), bone cancers, autoimmune and infectious diseases, osteomyelitis, allergic reactions, hormonal drugs and the violation of the synthesis of collagen in the body.