The removal of gypsum is always a little stress. Even if nothing hurts and you feel full of strength and energy, when the usual bony shell disappears, before you see the sad picture. Limb pale, the floor sprinkled with flour here and there covered with a strange color of bruises and looks like I want to cry. No need to worry, because the poor thing spent a very long time locked up without access of air, light and detergent. Naturally, it's appearance is slightly different from the second – healthy. Arrange your handle or stalk in water: turn warm water and wash it with shower gel and a washcloth. It is possible, then some sections will peel off old skin too. After all this time the cells were not able to pull away. If necessary, use the scrub after washing thoroughly dry the extremity and apply a nourishing cream.

Of course, appearance is not everything. You will notice that the limb has lost its mobility. Typically, in the course of rehabilitation, the doctor will prescribe physical therapy sessions, but even if no such direction is not given, it is possible to develop an arm or leg independently. Rotate the hand or foot , and pay attention to the movements that cause difficulty. We should not think that after breaking your long-suffering forever lost the mobility and flexibility, just for the time you spent in a cast, certain muscles are stiff and slightly weak, and the joints without movement also lost some properties. Very good effect of rotational motion in joints, and flexion-extension. Of course, all indoor activities should be only a Supplement to physical therapy under the supervision of a physician.

The important thing is to restore the proper blood circulation of your limbs. Often, after removing a cast on your arm or leg starts to be subjected to an increased load and the habit swells. Here to help massage, or simple rubbing. The fingers need to periodically bend and unbend, to move the blood on them with greater speed. As for the feet swelling, try to lift them higher and use elastic bandages whenever feet ahead of the load.

The main rule of successful rehabilitation is more traffic. All the problems and minor troubles that you can visit, connected with the stagnation of liquids and lack of the muscles, bones and joints. Your task is to regain mobility, and this requires some effort and a certain amount of time. You are on the right path – will succeed!