Broken ribs: symptoms, first aid

Broken ribs accompanied by severe pain in the chest, which is exacerbated by coughing, deep breath. Breathing becomes shallow, resulting in increased risk of developing pneumonia. On examination revealed a painful swelling where a strong shock, injury. Broken ribs are the characteristic symptom of "broken breath," because of the pain people interrupt trying to breathe deeply. Revealed tenderness and the execution of inclinations in a healthy way.

Trauma the ribs can be damaged by light, in this case, the patient may experience subcutaneous emphysema, hemoptysis, pneumothorax (accumulation of air in the pleura), hemothorax (accumulation in the pleural cavity of blood). As a first aid in case of fracture of the ribs necessary to give the victim a painkiller and lock the chest in the same position. For this purpose it tight bandage bandages.
During transport to hospital the victim should be sitting or in polusidya position.

How long is the treatment for broken ribs

The average duration of treatment of uncomplicated rib fractures is about 1 month. The young people bones heal in two to three weeks. In people aged 40 years broken ribs heal themselves in three to four weeks, older the period of treatment is long - up to six months. Uncomplicated fracture, cracked one or two ribs treated on an outpatient basis. The patient should come to the hospital for a doctor's appointment and the planned procedure.

During the first call the surgeon performs the local anesthetic or Vago-sympathetic blockade by Vishnevsky for pain relief. To avoid complications, is palpation of the abdomen. The victim is assigned analgesics, expectorant drugs, physiotherapy to improve lung ventilation, physiotherapy. To fix the broken ribs is not required. As a rule, fixing is only possible with significant injuries to the chest, with the current unstable fractures.
If you suspect the development of complications during treatment perform x-rays.

Complicated fractures of three or more edges are treated in a hospital. In cases of severe pneumothorax, hold the puncture for removal of air. When hemothorax is produced the removal of blood from the pleural cavity also with a puncture. If the patient developed post-traumatic pneumonia, to restore normal ventilation in addition to the main treatment he prescribed physiotherapy. During the recovery period after a fracture to the victim it is best to sleep on a high pillow and smooth the surface to ensure elevated torso during sleep.