Unlike other types of injuries, an ankle fracture often requires surgical treatment. How large was the intervention depends on many things, including the duration of restoration of function of the ankle joint. An ankle fracture is almost always associated with rupture of the periarticular ligaments, it also takes time for healing and a gradual adaptation to stress. During the operation, the bone fragments can be joined by means of special screws or metal plates, and the leg placed in a plaster cast or a special stabilizing bus. Necessary for wound stabilization, depending on how severe was the fracture usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks.
But the bone's healing does not mean the onset of recovery. It is only the first step towards a return to normal life. As soon as the doctors will remove the plaster and allow to expose the ankle small loads, it is necessary to start to do special exercises to restore the function of the ankle joint.
You should tune that the healing process will take quite a long time. The patient can begin to walk, leaning on a crutch or a cane, approximately 6 weeks after fracture. In a couple of weeks in the program working out feet to enable swimming and riding a stationary bike. Carefully start run allowed in 10 weeks, provided that the treadmill is very solid. But the player will have to wait at least 3-4 months before he can return to his beloved sport.
We should not forget about the complications that may be associated with ankle fracture. During operations, can be damaged nerves and blood vessels around the ankle joint that will necessarily impact on the sensitivity of the tissues, and the duration of their healing. And forced immobility quite often accompanied by the formation of blood clots in the injured foot, which in turn may lead to severe consequences.
If the fracture was damaged surrounding the ankle soft tissues, the healing process is also delayed until final healing. Besides, it is not necessary to forget and about possible mistakes in treatment that may result in the need for re-operations that immediately delays the recovery for a couple of months or even longer period.