Messageto, one of the most effective means for rehabilitation after fracture. He returns to the muscles elasticity and strengthens it increases blood flow and lymph circulation in the limb restores its function. In addition, the massaging relieves the pain and helps to dissolve the hematoma. In a closed fracture the massage can start on the second day after injury. Doing it in this case, a special apparatus that operates by vibration.
Exercises to relieve hypselecara gymnastics aims to restore metabolic processes in the damaged muscles and joints to increase their mobility and stretching. While gypsum is not removed, do the following exercise: on the inhale hold your breath for 6-7 seconds and Flex the muscle of that body part, which is located next to the victim. For example, when a Shin fracture strain thigh if the arm brush. Exhale - relax. Repeat 3-4 times. When leg injuries this exercise is done lying down. The positive effect is achieved due to increasing blood circulation in healthy and injured tissues.
Gymnastics after removing gobstopper you want to boost the inflow of arterial blood and outflow of venous and normalize lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. This can be achieved using a previously described exercise, but straining the muscles need not be next, and where was the turning point. The number of repetitions up to 10. The second exercise is aimed at the kneading of the joints - several times gently bend, straighten and rotate the injured limb. As soon as I let the feeling start to take a little walk to a small fatigue. Extremely useful for recovery after fracture and swimming 3 times a week for 45 minutes.
Will cataclasite in your menu more fresh foods – fruits, vegetables, lean meats (Turkey, chicken, fish), eggs, dairy products. Plant foods contain vitamins and minerals, without which it is impossible to restore tissue and improve the metabolism. Animal food is a source of protein - building material for muscles and bones. But dairy products also contain calcium.