Itself opisthorchiasis is infection of worms that summer residents like bile ducts, liver and gallbladder. The result is the worms clog them, leading to these vital organs. Causative agents are flukes and Fluke Fluke Siberian cat. You can get infected by eating raw or improperly prepared lake or river fish.

How does opisthorchiasis

It is often confused with other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as the symptoms are quite similar. So, if you are going to be examined for signs of gastritis or ulcer, at the same time hand over the analysis on parasites.

Doctors divide opisthorchiasis chronic and acute. Sharp develops quickly and lasts for several weeks. The symptoms are quite pronounced: urticaria, increase in the gallbladder, liver, pain in hypochondrium, etc.

Chronic opisthorchiasis may take years – in statistics, there are 25-year periods of the disease. The chronic course of this disease observed symptoms characteristic of pancreatitis, hepatitis and other similar diseases.

How to diagnose

To make an accurate diagnosis for this disease is quite problematic. Doctors say that eggs of worms in the research material can be detected at the earliest only after 4-6 weeks after infection. During this time the worms, of course, will have time to multiply.
Pay great attention to the examination of a person through 1-1,5 months after he had eaten the fish family Cyprinidae. Suspected opisthorchiasis is easier if the patient appeared during this period, characteristic symptoms.

Analysis of opisthorchiasis, the doctor may prescribe if the patient is observed for high values of eosinophils in the blood. In addition, indications for the delivery of this analysis is the accommodation of the patient in the endemic area, especially if he has pathology of the biliary tract.

Most often the diagnosis is made by blood test results. It is taken intravenously. In the presence of worms in the body in the blood will appear specific antibodies that are trying to cope with the problem.

Also studies conducted and parasitological method. For the study, in this case, you will need bile and feces. And if the feces, the patient can collect yourself, collect the bile has to be in the hospital. Sample doctors take when probing of a biliary tract.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, you must immediately begin adequate complex treatment. Otherwise you may have serious problems with digestion.