At the first suspicion on opistorhoz you should immediately seek medical help. Diagnosis of this disease in the initial stages is very difficult, because the eggs in the feces are not visible yet. A skilled doctor determines the disease's description of symptoms, presence of fever, rash and pain.
It is understood that the correct treatment can be prescribed only by the attending physician. Treatment of opisthorchiasis should be comprehensive and include preparations for the treatment, reception antigelmintna of the drug and pathogenetic therapy and rehabilitation. The whole treatment process should be monitored by specialists.
Pay attention to proper nutrition. Patients with opisthorchiasis, it is recommended to completely eliminate from your diet fried foods, and hot spices. Reduce the amount of sweet products. Eat as much fresh vegetables and fruits and low-fat foods and cottage cheese. Food must be fractional — eat as often as possible, but small portions. Drink plenty of fluids — this will help to release the body from all toxins.
As for the medicines that are prescribed by doctors, but drugs against parasites, you will also be appointed and antihistamines, such as "Suprastin", "Tavegil", "Diphenhydramine" — these medicines help to stop the allergic reaction and relieve the swelling. In addition, prescribed some anti-inflammatory drugs.
During treatment, you need to take the bile products that help to free the body of toxins. And in order to restore the liver, can also designate "Essentiale", or any other hepatoprotector.
Remember, even though after a few months of constant treatment, you will be able to completely rid your body of parasites, but, nevertheless, to restore the physiological damage that occurred during the illness, you can't. Therefore, in the subsequent you will need a long period of rehabilitation.