If a person is plagued by frequent colds, diseases of internal organs, and joints, persistent headaches, obesity or excessive thinness, it makes sense to be tested for the presence of parasites. All untreatable diseases can be caused by the presence in the body of parasites.
The most simple method of diagnosis to detect parasites in the gastrointestinal tract are analyses of a feces on eggs a worm and a rectal scraping. Parasites can be detected immediately. For reliable confirmation of diagnosis must be tested several days in a row.
Also the doctor may prescribe diagnose blood immunoferment for the presence of antibodies and antigens. A positive result of this analysis can almost with 100% certainty say that in the body there are parasites. The doctor prescribes treatment and after that conducted a second analysis.
If you suspect the presence of parasites in the liver, analysis of bile for the detection of the disease. Bile is extracted by the method of sensing. To get rid of parasites in the liver is a very difficult task and therefore, the earlier conducted diagnosis, more successful treatment and a favorable outcome. After the course of treatment, analysis of bile taken a lot more time to make sure that the patient is fully cured.
Not to be infected by parasites, you need to follow basic methods of prevention, but rather truths. Wash hands before eating, to thoroughly heat processed foods and buy from reputable places and not to individuals. you must Also have separate knives and cutting boards for cutting raw and finished products, keep the equipment in different places, so it did not touch each other.