What are biomaterials necessary for the PCR studies

The test material PCR can be different biological materials: blood, mucus, urine, sputum, scrapings of the epithelial cells, the tissue of the placenta, prostate juice, pleural fluid, amniotic fluid. For the detection of sexually transmitted infections in women and men are discharge from the genitals: a scraping or swab from the cervix, urethral (urethra), urine. The child material for research is taken from the opening of the urethra.

To make a study of PCR for herpes infection, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis b, C, toxoplasmosis, HIV infection, in a patient taking blood. For the detection of infectious mononucleosis, cytomegalovirus, herpes infection also takes swab of throat, With lesions of the nervous system is taken from the cerebrospinal fluid in the diagnosis of intrauterine infections, placental tissue, amniotic fluid, pulmonary material for PCR is the pleural fluid, and sputum.
When examining cpsi additionally gets urine.

How to prepare for PCR study

PCR allows to obtain accurate and reliable results, however, it is necessary to carry out the correct preparation of the study. The patient should not have sexual contacts a day before the delivery of the material (for studies of scrapings from originalnogo tract). Analysis of blood you must take on an empty stomach, so before blood sampling can not eat or drink. For rent clean urine in a sterile container for analysis need the first morning dose. In women, the fence stroke is not carried out in days of menstruation, take it before your period starts or after one or two days after. Before taking smears from the urogenital canal men should refrain from urinating for a period of 1.5-2 hours. Before taking the material for gonorrhoea, it is impossible to execute the genitals and douching. In addition, for three or four hours before the examination you should refrain from sexual intercourse, urination.
Urine must be delivered to the laboratory within two to three hours.

PCR analysis will be done at least a day, usually the result will be ready in 1.5-2 days. A negative result will indicate that the test material infection is absent. A positive result indicates the presence of an infection in a biological sample. In some cases, revealed a healthy carrier, the PCR is positive, but clinical symptoms are absent. This condition does not require treatment, but in this case, should be regularly seen by a doctor. Please be aware that the transmission of the infection to healthy people from the media are possible, also possible the transition to the chronic form of the disease with the activation process.