Advice 1: How to collect feces for worm eggs in a child

Sometimes even the simplest actions require knowledge. It would seem, what could be simpler than collection of stool for child analysisand on worm eggs? However, there are rules that adults will be helpful to know.
How to collect feces for worm eggs in a child
In a healthy person in the stool should not be signs of any parasites. But parasitic diseases are very common and occur in 90% of the world population.
Due to the high probability of infection of parasitic diseases experts recommend to get tested twice a year.

The most well-known parasites are worms, or helminths.

Collection of stool for worm eggs

In order to properly collect your stool, you need to purchase a sterile jar. These jars are sold in any drugstore. They are very comfortable because they have a special spoon built into the lid. This facilitates sampling analysis. If you want to save money, you can use a small glass jar (e.g. baby food). First it should be well washed and scalded.

Special training before you can collect analysis is not required. Make sure that the kid peed in advance. Urine should not go in the analyses. It is recommended to take different parts of the stool: a piece from the center, then the top and bottom. In total there should be about two teaspoons of the material. The lid should be tightly closed and the jar to sign (surname and name).

Another important analysis is the scraping on enterobiosis

There is a second very common species of parasites - pinworms. To detect them is taken scraping on enterobiasis. Taking analysis is carried out in a medical facility or laboratory. In the morning, immediately after waking. It is recommended not to go previously to the toilet and not to wash the area around the anus. This is a quick and painless procedure. The nurse takes a swab from the anus.
Interestingly, the analysis of a feces on eggs a worm gives the probability of detection by 10-15%. Scraping on enterobiasis more likely - 50%. It is therefore recommended to get tested 2-3 times every two or three days.

Parents often wonder whether it is possible to store the tests. Experts recommend to take the material for analysis during the first hour after its collection. However, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Extended storage may skew the results.

A sample of feces for helminth eggs and scraping on enterobiasis are very common and tests are conducted in all clinics and laboratories. To avoid queues, you can apply to pay a medical laboratory and submit the required analysis at a convenient time. For example, in Moscow you can find clinical lab, out on the prospect of Andropov in the area Nagatinsky Zaton or Prospekt Ryazanskiy near Vykhino metro station, Prospekt Volodarskogo. In Veshnyaki is located five relevant institutions. In Kolomna and the Kolomna district, near the metro station Domodedovskaya.

The Internet has information about clinical laboratories of any region of the country. You can select the right location and price to interested services.

Advice 2: How to treat worms in children

In nature, there are a huge number of parasites that infect the human body. Infection of a child with worms often leads to adverse consequences in the form of serious diseases.
treatment of worms

Causes and symptoms of worms in a child

In the summer-autumn period of the year the child long time is in the street. During the games, at ponds in the sandbox happens most of the infections. Sources of destruction of the child's body are food, undercooked meat or fish, tap water. Usually, the child comes into contact with sand or soil and dirty hands are the main reason for the occurrence in an organism of worms. Often the infection occurs when eating unwashed fruits and vegetables, through direct contact with infected people through shared objects, while playing with Pets, etc.

When should you consult a doctor for timely treatment? First of all, the main symptoms of helminthiasis are:
- sleep disorders;
- fatigue and weakness;
- nausea;
- violation of the chair;
- pain in the abdomen;
- sudden decrease in appetite;
- itching in the anus;
- slight increase in body temperature.
If the child has the typical signs of helminthiasis, it is necessary to pass the examination.

Effective treatment of worms

The main problem of infection with worms is that at an early stage, the disease is almost impossible to diagnose. But enough worms multiply rapidly and begin to affect the organs of the child's body. Bring harm waste products that lead to toxic poisoning.

Of course, specialists recommend prevention, which is in compliance with the personal hygiene. With frequent contact with potential sources of contamination is necessary to accustom the child to wash hands frequently with soap or another detergent. As a therapeutic prevention should twice a year to take drugs "Pyrantel", "Dekaris", "Worm" and the other in the form of tablets or suspensions.
Preparations in the form of suspensions are suitable for treating helminthiasis in young children.

Effective for the treatment of worms folk remedies:
- drinking on an empty stomach a glass of carrot juice during the month;
- having intestinal diseases can give a child on an empty stomach 1 tbsp scrolled through a meat grinder and pumpkin seeds;
- prepare an infusion of flax seed: boil 1 tbsp seeds Cup of boiling water on an empty stomach and give the child to drink;
- during the day you can drink a decoction of chamomile low concentration;
- every morning for 1-2 weeks, the child should swallow a clove of garlic and drink plenty of water.

Effective treatment involves the use of drugs and for the whole family, since the presence of helminthiasis other members will result in re-contamination of the child's body.
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