You will need
  • - container for biological material;
  • - spatula;
  • Bank;
  • detergent;
  • - toiletries;
  • - solution furatsilina;
  • - running water;
  • - preservative Safaralieva;
  • - preservative Turdieva
For the diagnosis of giardiasis conduct laboratory research. Material for the study are feces and venous blood.
When conducting parasitological fecal detect Giardia cysts and their eggs. It is necessary to properly prepare for the delivery of the biomaterial to correctly hold his collection to obtain reliable results.
Purchase at the pharmacy a special sterile container for biological material. Do not open the packaging until the time of delivery of the analysis, as this may lead to a breach of the sterile conditions and the distortion of research results.
Urinate before collecting the stool. Do a thorough washing the genital area and anus with warm water with detergent. You can use a ready solution furatsilina from the pharmacy.
Dry the genital area and anus before passing stool to prevent the destruction of Giardia cysts elements of detergent and water.
Take the spatula from the container for biological material and collect the feces. You should not fill the tank a large amount of material.
Label the container of biological material, specifying the name, surname and date of collection of feces.
Deliver biological material in the form of heat in the laboratory within 20 minutes, but not later than 2 hours.
Blood is detection of antibodies to antigens of Giardia. For the determination of antibodies used venous blood.
10 hours before the procedure of taking blood from a vein must stop eating. Before the procedure you should exclude tea, coffee, juices, alcohol. In the morning it is possible to take a glass of water. The analysis seems to on an empty stomach.