From the moment of infection until the first symptoms may take more than a month. To accelerate their manifestation could be alcohol. There are several ways to detect the disease.
Analysis of chlamydia can be done at home. Buy in a drugstore special test that gives a result accurate to 20%. That is, the probability that it will not show an accurate result.
If you suspect a disease, contact your doctor. The gynecologist will get a referral for tests in the laboratory and will offer to conduct a gynecological examination. Using sterile instruments is taken swab from the vagina of women, urethra and cervical canal of the cervix.
In men, a similar analysis taken from the urethra urologist. However, this is only an ancillary method of detecting chlamydia. It can be used to identify the disease with certainty 15%. Analysis paid. You should take disposable diaper and disposable Slippers or Shoe covers. The procedure is painful, maybe the women some time there will be bleeding from the vagina. This is true also for those who have cervical erosion, during the procedure it hurt, and the neck begins to bleed.
The reaction immunofluorescence (RIF) will help to identify the disease by 70%. Must professional doctor and assistant. The method requires high precision. With the help of special composition is painted is taken from the urethra material and observed under a microscope the bacteria. In the case of a positive result, they begin to glow.
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, or ELISA detection of antibodies (IgG, IgA, IgM) to chlamydia in the blood. Since the emergence of the disease in the human body produces antibodies. They are identified with the help of special preparations containing chlamydial antigens. For this method you need to donate blood from a vein. Usually, antibodies appear within 20 days after the infection. Blood need to take on an empty stomach in the laboratory. The result allows to make a conclusion on what stage the disease is chronic or acute. The accuracy of this analysis is not more than 60%.
Perhaps the doctor will suggest to take the inoculation of chlamydia. (culture method). This is a laborious method that requires a long time, special laboratory equipment. The positive side of this method is that it can be used not only to find out there is a disease or not, but also to identify with some antibiotics it can be cured. You will have to wait for the result a few days.
Upon detection of chlamydia, the analysis should hold for all family members. Treatment appointed strictly individually with antibiotics additionally prescribe drugs which reduce the risk of thrush and immunomodulatory.