When infected by a tapeworm is observed pale skin, bruising under the eyes and a General deterioration of appearance. But since these symptoms can be attributed to other diseases, do not panic ahead of time. If it scares you so get yourself checked at the hospital.
Specimen affects the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes there is a strong appetite, and in the case of disuse of food, nausea, and even vomiting. In a few minutes after eating the desire to eat may appear again. On the tongue there is a white coating, and optionally a strong flow of saliva or acidic burp in a certain period of time, when the parasite is most active. It mostly happens at night.
Periods of dizziness may occur the flesh before fainting. Often there are disorders of cardiac rhythm. In the presence of a tapeworm in the intestine dream bad dreams. Women may fail in the menstrual cycle.
When the specimen reaches a large size, then you can feel its movement in the gut. This is especially true after eating. Can also occur severe abdominal pain, which are only for a while.
Contact the hospital if you experience several of these symptoms. The doctor will prescribe you the tests which will help to identify the parasite. Feces analysis is based on the detection of eggs and tapeworm segments. The blood must pass clinical and biochemical analysis, as well as on worms, to exclude the presence of other parasites in the intestine. In some cases, appoint and ultrasound.
Follow the recommendations of a specialist to get rid of the tapeworm. After treatment, restore the intestinal microflora using preparations containing beneficial bacteria. Try some time to eat well, not a diet.