Advice 1: How to identify a specimen

The specimen is a flat tapeworm, which lives in the intestines of humans and animals. It can reach up to 12 meters in length. Often, the infection occurs because of the use of nepovinnogo meat, drinking contaminated water or by contact with infected animals, for example, in the care of the household. To identify the parasite the characteristic symptoms and using laboratory tests.
How to identify a specimen
When infected by a tapeworm is observed pale skin, bruising under the eyes and a General deterioration of appearance. But since these symptoms can be attributed to other diseases, do not panic ahead of time. If it scares you so get yourself checked at the hospital.
Specimen affects the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes there is a strong appetite, and in the case of disuse of food, nausea, and even vomiting. In a few minutes after eating the desire to eat may appear again. On the tongue there is a white coating, and optionally a strong flow of saliva or acidic burp in a certain period of time, when the parasite is most active. It mostly happens at night.
Periods of dizziness may occur the flesh before fainting. Often there are disorders of cardiac rhythm. In the presence of a tapeworm in the intestine dream bad dreams. Women may fail in the menstrual cycle.
When the specimen reaches a large size, then you can feel its movement in the gut. This is especially true after eating. Can also occur severe abdominal pain, which are only for a while.
Contact the hospital if you experience several of these symptoms. The doctor will prescribe you the tests which will help to identify the parasite. Feces analysis is based on the detection of eggs and tapeworm segments. The blood must pass clinical and biochemical analysis, as well as on worms, to exclude the presence of other parasites in the intestine. In some cases, appoint and ultrasound.
Follow the recommendations of a specialist to get rid of the tapeworm. After treatment, restore the intestinal microflora using preparations containing beneficial bacteria. Try some time to eat well, not a diet.

Advice 2: How to play solitaire

Among the card games that can with benefit and interest to occupy your free time, one of the most famous can be called solitaire Solitairewhich is on each computer. Hard to find someone who would never have tried to decompose this solitaire game, whiling away leisure. Everyone who has tried to play solitaire, you know, the solitaire converges not always, and playing it can be tricky. There are some rules, following which you will be able to win more often.
How to play solitaire
Since ready-made scenario starts with the aces, you must first find and install in the appropriate blocks all four aces. If you see the right card, but it is not yet available, find the shortest way to liberate the map and use it.
Then note the card following the ACE-highest free and install it on the cards kings, Queens and jacks.
On your playing field has several columns of cards. One of the speakers try to release before the other, to be able to placed on free field extra cards, removing them from other speakers or removing from the pack.
Do not put the empty space from the vacated column that was hit – try to place the maps, the location of which will be beneficial to you. Do not place empty fields kings early in the game. Unless you have aces, you won't be able to do with them.
Consider the game in advance, plan your next steps, turn on logical thinking. It depends on the success of your endeavor. Considering each course and comparing its capabilities with those of other alternative moves, you will sooner or later come to victory even with a very complicated situation.

Advice 3: How you get rid of tapeworm

Many of us believe that helminthiasis is a disease of young children, unaware that they themselves are carriers of this disease. According to the official data of the world health organization, intestinal parasites, there are more than a third of the population. The intestinal parasites are a hidden and long period of development, therefore, their identification is difficult.
How you get rid of tapeworm
You will need
  • - oak bark;
  • - buckthorn bark;
  • - wormwood;
  • - tansy;
  • - pumpkin seed oil;
  • - linseed oil;
  • - Jerusalem artichoke;
  • - pumpkin seeds;
  • - Epsom salt.
For the removal of specimen prepare the next collection, which must be taken the first six days. Take equal amounts of oak bark, and buckthorn, wormwood and tansy. All components chop and mix. 1 teaspoon collection pour in the evening with half a liter of boiling water. In the morning strain and drink on an empty stomach half a Cup of infusion. The components of the collection in addition to the antiparasitic properties have the ability to heal minor wounds caused by tapeworm, the intestinal mucosa.
In the evening take a cleansing enema of two liters of water and a tablespoon of salt dissolved in water. Such treatment need within six days. To wound mucosa heal faster, take a teaspoon three times a day before meals pumpkin or linseed oil.
Cleansing is often accompanied by pain in the pancreas. Brew a tablespoon of chopped artichoke Cup of water, steep an hour and drink during the day equal portions for three meals a day.
On the seventh day prepare the following tool. Grind 300 grams of pumpkin seeds, cleaned from the solid shell, but not from the thin films covering the pumpkin seeds and eat them, no drinking.
After 2 hours, take a laxative – Epsom salt. Every 2.5 hours to make cleansing enemas (7-8 times a day). It is necessary to cast the specimen came out quickly from the intestine and its breakdown products are not absorbed in the mucosa. The liquid in this day to not drink. You can take the porridge water, bread flour, apples.
You should know that the observance of elementary rules of hygiene, intake of fish and meat subjected to sufficient heat treatment, use of prophylactic action of garlic cloves daily will be a real barrier to infection and growth of tapeworm in the body.
Useful advice
In the period of the expulsion of the tapeworm is not recommended to eat meat and dairy products since they stimulate the growth of the parasite. It is not recommended to smoke and drink alcohol, avoid unnecessary stress on the body.

Advice 4: How to remove black eye

To get rid of a black eye, i.e., a bruise, a hematoma, beneath the eye you can use of drugs and traditional medicine. And those and others it is available to all, easy to use and quite effective.
How to remove black eye


All pharmacies in the free market there are many medicinal ointments, creams and gels, promotes rapid resorption of bruises. The most effective of them are considered "first aid.", "Caffeine", "Black OFF", "Arnika". Before buying a vehicle, consult your physician or read the instruction manual. The fact that some creams and gels have ingredients that can cause irritation to the mucous membranes of the eyes (pepper, snake venom, camphor, alcohol, etc.). Please refrain from purchasing these funds, giving preference to others that do not contain hazardous substances, or use them with caution. Please note in the ointment, which is composed of rutin (vitamin P), heparin, or chestnut extract - they are the most effective in treating black eye.

Warm compress

Moisten a soft washcloth or a cotton pad in hot water, slightly wring out, apply to the bruise and quickly cover with plastic wrap, and on top – a warm scarf or a scarf. Keep the compress until is warm, then re-dampen the cloth in hot water and repeat the procedure. You can do it as many times as deemed necessary. The effect is caused by the skin coming into heat, which activates the blood flow, and this contributes to the rapid resorption of hematomas.

Oil rubbing

Accounting principle (accelerated circulation of the blood) lies in the treatment of bruising under the eye and using oil compresses. The most effective is the use of natural mustard oil, cold pressed (unrefined). However, in the absence of mustard can use any other. Soak in warmed oil on the tip of your finger, which you may wish to treat the affected area and simply RUB the bruise in a clockwise direction for 3-5 minutes. Much pressure, causing yourself pain, you should not. During the procedure, you should feel a slight pleasant warmth. After rubbing put on the sore spot with a polyethylene film and on top – a warm scarf. This compress can be left on overnight.


If the appearance of a black eye associated with the country or he obtained during his campaign, fishing, hunting, look around – it is possible that there are medicinal plants that are able to help you. In the country it can be cabbage leaves and potatoes, camping and fishing – plantain, mother and stepmother, burdock, etc. Just remember slightly the leaves to drain juice (a potato cut into thin slices), and attach to the sore spot. Can fix it with a bandage.

If possible, brew a strong tea and make gadgets, i.e. soak a cloth or handkerchief in welding and put it on the bruise. Biologically active substances contained in tea leaves, contribute to the rapid resorption of hematomas, and, moreover, relieve the pain.

The real stuff

Entanglement (or options) is sold in any drugstore and is inexpensive. Usually the powder is mixed with vegetable oil or warm water and applied directly on the affected area. The procedure is called sebagaimana and is considered one of the most effective in quick recovery from bruises. However, in the case of black eye is to hold it with extreme care, because the skin in this area is thin and sensitive, grains concoctions you can do more damage. In addition, the contact of powder to the mucous membrane of the eye is highly undesirable, since it may cause severe irritation or inflammation.
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