You will need
  • dispensary map;
  • -performance of laboratory tests;
  • -the results of the ultrasound.
Note that pain in right side in lower abdomen associated gynecological diseases and appendicitis. For example, ectopic pregnancy – an abnormal development of the ovum, leading to stretching or rupture of the fallopian tube. Inflammatory changes in the right fallopian tube appears dull pulling pain, but the formation of the abscess and its rupture, there is a feeling of "dagger".
Acute appendicitis in the beginning of its development manifested by unpleasant sensations in the right side. As the progression of the process, the pain spreads to the upper part of the abdomen and iliac fossa. Please note that these pathologies can have serious consequences and in most cases require urgent surgical intervention!
If the pain is localized right side under the rib, one can suspect the biliary dyskinesia and acute cholecystitis. Due to the similarity in the pain associated with these ailments, they were United by the common name of "hepatic colic". The pain experienced in right shoulder blade, shoulder and neck, pouring over the upper abdomen. With the passage of stone the pain subsiding, it remains only a feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium. Constant dull pain may indicate the stretching of the liver capsule by increasing body, or inflammation, for example in hepatitis.
Please note that the localization of pain in the right side on the back often indicates a manifestation of urological diseases. Sharp cramping pain caused by kidney stone disease is called "renal colic". Pain this sharp and unbearable, sick rushing around, trying to find a comfortable position to alleviate the condition. When you get a stone sharp pain goes away, replaced by the blunt.
Keep in mind that pain in the right side in chronic diseases usually removed painkillers and antispasmodic drugs such as "Spasmalgon", "Baralgin", "no-Spa". But to take the medication only in case of an accurate diagnosis, so the best way is to consult with a specialist.
Pain in the right side may be accompanied by a characteristic rash in the form of bubbles. Typically, these symptoms occur in shingles. The discomfort in this case are associated with damage to the peripheral nerves by the herpes virus 3 type and removed any analgesic drug.