During pregnancy the female body adapts to the new conditions: up to the birth, the uterus increases in size, so periodically experiencing pain, which is a natural reaction to the processes. At the same time, additional pain can be a symptom of a dangerous state and in need of urgent diagnosis. How to learn to distinguish a serious pain in the right side from the temporary discomfort during pregnancy?

Why is there pain?

The pain appears in the right side, mainly connected with the violations in the activities of liver, one kidney, gall bladder, diaphragm, intestines, Appendix, fallopian tube, ureter, ovary, or pancreas, and to hurt these bodies may be for reasons not associated with pregnancy. It is in this state often remind myself of a chronic disease or new problems arise.

The types and causes of pain

Short-lived, lasting up to half an hour, dull pain "aching" in his right side, maybe not dangerous, it stems from the fact that the baby took a bad position. The pain usually goes away if you lie down on your back or on your left side to get baby to turn, or to drink the pain-relief pill, for example, "no-silos".

Sharp and aching pain in right side radiating to lower back, often occurring after eating, not passing more than 30 minutes, evidence of dysfunction of the intestine or the pancreas, especially when accompanied by nausea, vomiting or bouts of diarrhea. The cause may be the compression of these organs to the uterus, including when the fullness of the stomach, or the malfunction of the digestive system. Simple way to get rid of such pain may be the diet. In more complex cases, the doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs.

Spontaneous, long-lasting and mild pain in the right hypochondrium, during which there is heartburn, often associated with the liver, often harassing pregnant women, especially in I and III trimester. If you do not overeat and drink more, and also to eliminate fatty foods, salt and spices, the pain bothers you less. In protracted attacks need to see a doctor, because the pain of this kind is a symptom of cholestasis and liver failure (acute fatty degeneration of the liver).

The same pain still felt under the right shoulder blade, can be associated with the stagnation of bile in the gallbladder, as also evidenced by belching and a bitter taste in my mouth. The pain may worsen if the fetus moves. If you do not follow a special diet and not use of choleretic drugs, there is the risk of developing the disease, complicating pregnancy.

If pregnant right side hurts the top periodically "fires" in the lower back and the pain then subsides, then again increases, most likely, business in problems with the kidney. Without dieting and gentle medicines prescribed by a doctor, not do.

Sudden, sharp and stabbing pain localized on the right (the side or the abdomen may be appendicitis, in this case you will need urgent hospitalization.