If you ate too much, and then there was pain in the liver, flush the stomach to facilitate the work of the digestive system. Drink lots of water with addition of soda, and mineral water. Then provoke an attack of vomiting by pressing on the tongue. After that, you will feel much better.
Take a few tablets but-shpy. The drug has analgesic and antispasmodic effect. If you have bile stasis due to spasm, then the pain should go. Nospanum take no more than 2-3 times a day 2 tablets to improve the General condition. Be careful if you suffer from low blood pressure.
Drink 2 pills Allohol - the drug has a choleretic effect, also in its structure and contains activated carbon, which facilitates the inference of intoxication from the body. "Karsil" and "Essentiale" hepatoprotection by improving liver function. If you have periodic pain in the right side, take a course of treatment with these drugs. They are quite expensive, so if you for any reason are unable to buy them, consume milk Thistle on a teaspoon three times a day.
Buy alkaline mineral water. Drink it throughout the day in small doses. Please note on the properties of mineral water, it must be intended for the treatment of disorders of the liver. In the period of severe pain do not eat any products, you need to sit on a diet for a few days to liver function returned to normal.
If the pain in the liver fails, and you have a fever, call an ambulance. Severe attack of cholecystitis can be removed only in the hospital environment. If you go to hospital you do not want, then at least consult your doctor about appropriate treatment. Shouldn't drink with painkillers if they do not bring relief, because pain in the liver can be caused by gallstone disease.