Pain in right side may occur due to intake of spicy, oily, too cold or too hot food, as well as overeating and eating foods with lots of gluten. In addition, this type of pain is typical for inflammatory diseases of the cecum or excessive accumulation of gases. Also pain in the right hypochondrium and side often speak of inflamed gall bladder, can not tolerate fatty foods and hepatitis, which are poorly tolerated protein products.
If the pain in the right side appeared immediately after a meal, it may be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. When this pain is accompanied by bloating, rumbling, increased peristalsis, diarrhea or constipation. Usually the pain subsides after passing flatus and defecation, do not bother until your next meal and is not accompanied by fever, anemia and sudden weight loss. Pain in right side after eating salty or spicy foods may indicate disease of the right kidney.
If in the body there is a problem with the intestines, pain in right side will appear after an hour and a half. Chronic enteritis or inflammation of the small intestine, in addition to pain, accompanied by irregularity and disease of the colon occur with flatulence, bloating and constant constipation. Often the right side pain after eating because of gastro-duodenitis – inflammation of the lining of the stomach and duodenum, which departs from him.
Pain in right side and epigastric region may also be caused by spasm of the pylorus, located where the stomach passes into the duodenum. This pathology is most often diagnosed in neurotics and is characterized by significant weight loss, as the person after eating, vomiting and food is not time to be absorbed. And finally, pain in the right hypochondrium errors can be a symptom of inflammation of the gallbladder and bile ducts (cholecystitis and angiocholitis). They usually appear after eating fatty foods, much overcooked food and confectionery products with a high fat content.