Why can root right in front of the heart

To at least approximately determine the cause of the pain on the right side opposite the heart, you need to pay attention to the disturbing nature of pain and the accompanying symptoms. The same information is also very important to inform your doctor that you want later to go for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Pain in right side of chest may occur in inflammatory processes in the lungs – bronchitis or pneumonia. In this case, it is usually spasmodic in nature and may worsen when coughing, sneezing, turning from one side to the other. Associated symptoms of such diseases – high fever, rales, shortness of breath, severe cough with possible sputum appearance. If there is no fever, and the cough does not rest, it may also indicate the presence of tumor in the lungs.

If sharp chest pain started on the left in the region of the heart, and then began to give a sharp impulse to the right, it may indicate a heart attack is myocardial infarction. When such pain you should immediately call an ambulance, otherwise it could lead to death.

Dull pressing pain in the whole chest, but clearly spasm in the right upper quadrant and compressing the esophagus, occurs when pericarditis – the defeat of the serous membranes of the heart. This disease particularly difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are similar with different cardiac disorders.
Usually the pain in this disease is enhanced during deep breaths or lying down. Additional symptoms of pericarditis – a swelling of the veins in the neck and swelling of the face.

Systematic paroxysmal pain often accompanies the most common type of ischemic heart disease – angina. Usually to get rid of it helps the pill of nitroglycerin and rest in a horizontal position.
To the doctor if you have angina should be treated, as it almost always repeats itself, and the pain each time may increase.

Sharp pain in right side of chest is a symptom of various diseases of the liver, for example, cholecystitis and hepatitis. Unbearable stabbing pain can occur when the gallbladder disease, particularly cholelithiasis. Usually in such cases the patient, you notice the whites of the eyes and yellow, tongue with white or yellow coating, and pressing on the liver or biliary pain right in front of the heart can increase.

Aching and pulling pain in chest on the right may cause trauma or injury to the chest, excessive exercise or intercostal neuralgia. As a rule, it increases when inhaling or coughing.

How to get rid of the pain right in front of the heart

To get rid of pain in the right side of the chest, it is necessary to determine and eliminate the cause of its occurrence. And this can only be a doctor. That's why with this symptom it is important to consult a specialist and as detailed as possible to describe to him the nature of the pain.