Advice 1: That might hurt right in front of the heart

Pain on the right side in front of the heart can occur due to various disorders in the body from inflammatory processes in the lung to neuralgic diseases. In any case, to ignore such formidable symptom can not be otherwise health consequences can be very sad.
That might hurt right in front of the heart

Why can root right in front of the heart

To at least approximately determine the cause of the pain on the right side opposite the heart, you need to pay attention to the disturbing nature of pain and the accompanying symptoms. The same information is also very important to inform your doctor that you want later to go for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Pain in right side of chest may occur in inflammatory processes in the lungs – bronchitis or pneumonia. In this case, it is usually spasmodic in nature and may worsen when coughing, sneezing, turning from one side to the other. Associated symptoms of such diseases – high fever, rales, shortness of breath, severe cough with possible sputum appearance. If there is no fever, and the cough does not rest, it may also indicate the presence of tumor in the lungs.

If sharp chest pain started on the left in the region of the heart, and then began to give a sharp impulse to the right, it may indicate a heart attack is myocardial infarction. When such pain you should immediately call an ambulance, otherwise it could lead to death.

Dull pressing pain in the whole chest, but clearly spasm in the right upper quadrant and compressing the esophagus, occurs when pericarditis – the defeat of the serous membranes of the heart. This disease particularly difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are similar with different cardiac disorders.
Usually the pain in this disease is enhanced during deep breaths or lying down. Additional symptoms of pericarditis – a swelling of the veins in the neck and swelling of the face.

Systematic paroxysmal pain often accompanies the most common type of ischemic heart disease – angina. Usually to get rid of it helps the pill of nitroglycerin and rest in a horizontal position.
To the doctor if you have angina should be treated, as it almost always repeats itself, and the pain each time may increase.

Sharp pain in right side of chest is a symptom of various diseases of the liver, for example, cholecystitis and hepatitis. Unbearable stabbing pain can occur when the gallbladder disease, particularly cholelithiasis. Usually in such cases the patient, you notice the whites of the eyes and yellow, tongue with white or yellow coating, and pressing on the liver or biliary pain right in front of the heart can increase.

Aching and pulling pain in chest on the right may cause trauma or injury to the chest, excessive exercise or intercostal neuralgia. As a rule, it increases when inhaling or coughing.

How to get rid of the pain right in front of the heart

To get rid of pain in the right side of the chest, it is necessary to determine and eliminate the cause of its occurrence. And this can only be a doctor. That's why with this symptom it is important to consult a specialist and as detailed as possible to describe to him the nature of the pain.

Advice 2: How to determine liver hurts or not

The liver is very large and very important digestive gland. Its mass is about 1, 5 kg. the Liver is involved in metabolic processes and accumulation in the body of various substances. It promotes the production of bile, synthesizes proteins and vitamins and also transforms the toxins into safe substances.
How to determine liver hurts or not
Liver diseases are characterized by a dull aching sensation or heaviness in the right hypochondrium. These pains are of a continuing nature throughout the day, aggravated by physical exertion, driving, eating fats, fried or spicy food and settle down at rest.
Such pain is transmitted to the right shoulder blade, the back can be felt in the right side of the neck. They are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, belching, heartburn, flatulence, bloating and bitter taste in the mouth.
For liver disease may include muscle weakness, fatigue, lethargy, irritability, reduced efficiency, intolerance to fats, and appetite disorders.
Often there are headaches, even a tendency to syncope. Sometimes the skin slight bleeding. In women can happen menstrual cycle, men face problems with potency.
During liver disease sometimes you can observe the appearance of yellow skin tone. Simultaneously, the presence of dark color urine and discoloration of feces. On the background of jaundice, especially prolonged, develops itchy skin, indicating that the increase in blood volume of the components of bile.
The most severe diffuse disease of the liver is cirrhosis of the liver. Among the external symptoms of the disease may be noted malaise, poor sleep, weakness. Periodically manifested jaundice, itching and bleeding in the skin. A sick person loses weight due to violation of digestion and absorption.

Very often on the skin can be observed the expansion of small blood vessels. The skin of the palms is red, men grow Breasts. For liver cirrhosis characterized by pain in the right hypochondrium, enlargement and bloating.
Useful advice
Often a liver disease occur with just noticeable clinical symptoms, but the complication can bear a huge threat to human health and even life. So if any suspicion of liver disease or to prevent their development seek the advice of a physician, if necessary, go ultrasound examination, computed tomography or laparoscopy.

Some of the disease are generally asymptomatic (steatosis of the liver, hemangioma) and are detected only during ultrasound enlarged liver.

Advice 3: Why stabs under right breast

Most often under the breast hurts during sports. This is one of the types of stomach pain. Pain under the right breast could be associated with problems such as gallstones, appendicitis, fractured sternum and other reasons.
Pain under the right breast is not a disease, but indicates such


Inflammation of the Appendix, vermiform Appendix, attached to the intestine - appendicitis. The main symptom of this disease is pain right lower abdomen. Mild fever, nausea and vomiting – other symptoms of this problem. Pain that is felt in the right side, comes from the navel. At first, she may not be strong, and deaf.


Digestive juice, shumas, gets into the gallbladder. These clots are called gallstones. In this case, you should stop eating, until the problem is solved with the help of proper treatment. Pain in the lower right side of the chest is the main symptom of this disease. This pain can involve the upper back right side, right shoulder and entire right side of the chest. Nausea, vomiting and gases in the stomach – other symptoms of this disease.

Colic in the side

In this case, the patient feels a sharp pain in my left side just below the rib cage. Usually the pain people feel during exercise and after Jogging or walking.

Colic may occur due to the reduction of the liver or spleen.
Ischemia of the diaphragm, parietal peritoneal irritation and an imbalance of the thoracic spine are other causes of colic.

A sternal fracture

A sharp pain can be felt as a result of sternal fracture. A common reason is physical injury. Most often the injury occurs from a blow. But sometimes a person might get hurt as a result of severe coughing.

People with osteoporosis are particularly susceptible to such fractures. When a sharp pain should immediately contact the doctor, because it is often accompanied by damage to the spleen, lungs or blood vessels.
Because the causes of pain in the lower part of the chest can be a lot treatment should be done only after correct diagnosis. Chest pain in itself is not a disease but a symptom of one of many disorders.


In this disease inflamed mucous membranes of the lungs and other parts of the breast. It becomes difficult to breathe. Acute pain causes the friction of the pleural layers. Pleurisy occurs as a consequence of pneumonia or tuberculosis and infections. Other causes: chest trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis of the skin.

Bowel obstruction

The disease occurs as a consequence of volvulus, or falling into the bowels of the blocking object. While felt cramps, which are amplified, then weakened. The pain may become sharp after a meal. Another symptom of intestinal obstruction – diarrhea.

Advice 4: Why can hurt the liver

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body responsible for filtering the body from various poisons. Organ involved in the metabolism and the blood circulation of the body. When pronounced pain syndrome in the liver should establish the cause and consult a specialist.
Why can hurt the liver

Symptoms of liver disease

By itself, the liver can not hurt due to the lack of pain centers or receptors, which would be the signal for the beginning of pathological processes. The pain symptoms are usually due to inflammation in the sheath, which is in the liver or in the organs that are in close proximity, for example, in biliary tract, gall bladder or stomach.

Pain associated with pain in the liver area, may be aching and aggravated by excessive exercise. A sharp pain may be felt in the back, shoulder blade or neck, depending on the intensity and localization of the source. For diseases of the liver characterized by the feeling of heaviness and tingling in the right hypochondrium in the daytime and at night.
Pain in the liver usually increases after the intake of heavy fatty, fried or spicy foods in large volumes. In some cases there is bad breath, bitter taste, flatulence, heartburn, diarrhea, and sometimes constipation.

Causes of pain syndrome

Pain can be caused by various factors. Common cause sharp pain in the liver acts as excessive physical stress, which can negatively affect the work of the authority.

A great influence on the development of pain is having the presence of a large number of harmful substances in the body caused by eating food with a high content of harmful substances, which can hardly be recycled to the digestive system. Common cause of diseases of the bile ducts and stomach is the abuse of alcoholic drinks, which provoke the appearance of pain.
A large amount of stress and the presence of diseases associated with the human nervous system, are also factors that negatively affect the liver.

Pain in the liver can be a signal of the presence of diseases associated with bile the ways of man and his digestive system. So, pain in the right hypochondrium occur due to gastritis, cholangitis, pancreatitis. Some doctors also say irritable bowel syndrome as a factor in discomfort. Among the more serious diseases that may cause even death of the patient, marked cirrhosis, amyloidosis, hepatitis, abscess, cancer or benign growths in the body.

To prevent further progression of the disease and to cope with the unpleasant sensations, you must exclude from your diet junk food and consult a gastroenterologist or hepatologist who will help to cope with the disease and the correct diagnosis. It can help in the future to get rid of pain and may cause undesirable complications.

Advice 5: What to do with aching pain in left breast

Aching pain in the left side of the chest is an indirect symptom of various diseases. Cause this pain can angina, intercostal neuralgia and osteochondrosis. Usually the pain is worse with walking or exercise. Must undergo a medical examination and diagnosis will determine further treatment.
Aching pain in the chest is a symptom of various diseases
An indefinite pain in the left chest may indicate different disease: dysfunction of heart type of angina, exacerbation of osteochondrosis, intercostal neuralgia. The etiology of these diseases is quite different, so a treatment is required varies. Each of these abnormalities, except the aching pain in his chest, has additional symptoms.

Heart disease

Never ignore pain in the left part of the chest, because this place is the most important organ of our body – heart, first and foremost, you need to exclude the pathology.

Heart pain occurs due to the deterioration of the trophic cardiac muscle. If the lumen of the vessels feeding the heart, narrowed by atherosclerotic plaque or vascular spasm occurred, it is difficult to transfer oxygen to the cells of the heart tissue, and the heart begins to signal the violation. The pain is aching in nature and localized in the left side of the chest indicate about coronary heart disease, which is often seen in angina. Additional symptoms of this disease - increased blood pressure, dizziness, sensation of shortage of air.

If the pain came sharply and suddenly, immediately contact the ambulance. When this is not possible, take all necessary action to cardiac muscle relaxation: lie down in a comfortable position, loosen all the clothing on the chest, try not to worry. If the pain does not subside, you should take drugs that expand the blood vessels of the heart. Such drugs include validol or nitroglycerin. Even if the cause of pain in the heart, these tablets in a single application will not cause harm to the body.

Be sure to consult a doctor who will prescribe necessary diagnostic testing: electrocardiography, cardiac ultrasound, Doppler coronary vessels and other methods. When the diagnosis is established, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication from the heart of the group.


In osteochondrosis, the pain appears originally in the back. Often the accumulation of salts in the thoracic spine provokes a dull ache in his chest. Pain syndrome increases with sudden extensor movements of the upper spine. Such patients find it difficult to stand or sit in one position.

For help it is important to consult a specialist who will prescribe x-ray examination of the spine and establish the final diagnosis. Treatment usually consists of restriction of exercise and the prescription of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In the prevention of exacerbations of osteoarthritis will help physical therapy. Exercises and special exercises must be repeated daily.

Intercostal neuralgia

Aching pain in the left chest is often a symptom of intercostal neuralgia. This disease occurs after exposure or a strong nervous shocks, a characteristic for it is that the symptom of pain increases and becomes intolerable.

Definitely requires medical attention. After confirmation of the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe competent treatment. When intercostal neuralgia panacea is warming the rubbing anti-inflammatory ointments, prescribed more painkillers. Patients are recommended to dress warmly and avoid drafts.

Advice 6: Why are stabs in the right side

The occurrence of tingling in the right side, accompanied by painful sensations, is often a symptom of disruption of any organ. There are several possible causes of stabbing pain in my right abdomen however, to accurately diagnose its origin can only the doctor.
Why are stabs in the right side
Colic in the right hypochondrium often causes inflamed or enlarged liver. The cause of the pain can be hepatitis, substandard or fatty foods, as well as abuse of medication, drugs or alcohol. When liver problems, cramps in the right side may be accompanied by dull aching pain, which can last permanently and there inside, not on the surface of the abdomen. Also the reason for colic can be gall bladder – namely, its inflammation, in which a strong stabbing pain is felt in the right upper abdomen and sometimes radiates under the right shoulder blade.
Another reason for stabbing pain in the right side can be pancreas or an attack of acute pancreatitis in which the pain is worse in the horizontal position and even gives to the spine. Also colic pancreatitis are accompanied by vomiting, nausea and severe chills – however, the body temperature remains normal. To detect inflammation of the pancreas using the discovery in it of special enzymes typical for its defeat, have a medical exam.
Stabbing in right side of stomach can and kidney diseases – for example, the presence of stones. While renal colic, which is considered one of the most painful, will be held in waves, reaching maximum pain on the peak of the wave, and radiate to the back or groin area. Often tingling in the right side can be caused by inflammation of the cecum – teplicam and inflammation in my right ovary.
The most common suspicion with regards to tingling in the right side is appendicitis. Usually pain in appendicitis are localized in the umbilical area and right lower abdomen, and the abdomen in the region of the Appendix becomes hard and tense, and almost all patients can specify exactly the place of concentration of pain. However, to diagnose inflammation of the Appendix can only be a doctor, but stabbing pain in the right side is often a symptom of other diseases.
The cause of inflammation of the gall bladder and colic are often the stones, is removed using ultrasound or surgery.
Useful advice
With a strong pricking pain in any right abdomen you need to call an ambulance, without taking painkillers, which can lubricate the picture of the disease.
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