Distinguishing features of the diseases

With diseases of 12 duodenal ulcer and stomach pain felt in the epigastric region. Period pains are often directly depends on the pathology. In chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers are painful, occur abruptly. It should be noted that in chronic gastritis the pain is diffuse, aching, and dull. In turn, gastric ulcer, on the contrary, the pain is more confined and is able to pay for the sternum and in the region of the heart. Pain in peptic ulcer disease cramping, sharp or cutting.

In gastric cancer, with penetrating gastric ulcer patients often complain of regular pain in the epigastric region. Unbearable pain when patients are experiencing breakthrough stomach ulcers, as if abruptly plunged a knife or dagger. In the later stages of stomach cancer due to compression of the nerve plexus, patients are able to feel a very strong pain located behind the stomach.

In hepatic or biliary colic that result from infringement of the stone in cystic duct or neck of the gallbladder, the pain occurs after heavy physical work or due to errors in the diet. Painful sensations in this case, racking, piercing and cutting, located in the epigastric region and right hypochondrium. Please note that in biliary colic the pain may radiate to the lumbar region, shoulder blade, right shoulder.

In acute inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis) intense pain may occur in the epigastric region and right hypochondrium. Pain give in the right half of the neck, shoulder and right shoulder.

Treatment sharp abdominal pain

To reduce sharp abdominal pain, you can take an antispasmodic (eg, papaverine, spazmalgon, Nospanum). After that you should try as much as possible to stick to a diet: not to eat spicy, fatty and fried foods. In certain cases, for example, in gastritis. However, there are a large number of surgical diseases, accompanied by bouts of severe pain in the abdomen, which is necessary comprehensive treatment. Often in case of serious diseases surgery is the only effective method of treatment.

In any case, the appearance of sharp pain in the abdomen should immediately seek the assistance of a qualified specialist to determine true cause.

If you experience sharp "stabbing" abdominal pain (especially if a previously diagnosed disease, peptic ulcer disease), you need to call an ambulance. Remember: in any case can not do the heat warmers or procedure.