Cramps in the stomach

Frequent cutting pain, generally, may appear in the center of his abdomen, to the right, the left side of my abdomen. It is from the place of localization of pain and need to determine next steps. And, of course, unbearable pain in any area, the first thing to do is to call an ambulance.

To take any action to facilitate, it is necessary to know which disease are pains in the abdomen.

The possible disease by sharp pains in the abdomen

Appendicitis. The first thing that draws the attention of any doctor removed the Appendix. If the Appendix is removed, appendicitis is suspected in the first place. The pain of appendicitis can be around the belly, and locally, for example, a pain in navel area or in the side right, left. The pain is paroxysmal, rise each time and may radiate to the right leg. The most dangerous thing in the untimely appeal to the doctor – a complication of appendicitis is peritonitis, a condition in which the Appendix bursts, and its contents out into the abdominal cavity.
The patient nor the in this case can not help, only need medical help.

Gastritis. Characterized by pain before or after eating, nausea, vomiting, excessive heartburn, increased or decreased appetite. The location of the sharp pains from the navel to the lower abdomen. If you know that you have a acute gastritis may receive painkillers, for example, "no-Spa". Without antibiotics treatment for gastritis is not complete (for the treatment of "Omez", "Losec", "Selser", "Amexica", "Ecobol", "Amosin"), but they should be prescribed only by a doctor.

Ulcer. The pain is sharp, localized mainly in the center of the abdomen, but may radiate to the right or left upper quadrant, in the back. As with gastritis, cramps associated with food intake. Aggravation of ulcer occurs seasonally, mainly in spring, autumn. To the drug, that relieves pain, should include "Omez", "De Nol." Dangerous possible ulcer bleeding, which may be hidden. The patient's stool is a dark color (almost black). Possible complications of untreated ulcers – stomach cancer or 12-prestoi intestine. It is clear that with increasing need to address urgently to the doctor.

Pancreatitis. The sharp pains in my stomach increase symptoms such as bloating, vomiting possible, mainly after a heavy meal. The pain encircles the lower part of the sternum. In the absence or incorrect treatment of evolving chronic pancreatitis, cramps which are moderate, not very pronounced.
Usually to relieve pain is enough to take 2 tablets of Pancreatin and to contact the doctor to obtain adequate treatment.

In any case, if the pain is unknown to you first appeared, you should immediately consult a doctor. In anticipation of "emergency" should not be used any medication, to eat and drink, to do any compresses.