For some reasons, it might hurt right kidney?

Man cannot determine which of his kidneys began to ache. If you experience pain in the location of these important organs of the urinary system should consult a urologist or nephrologist for the differentiation of renal pathology from appendicitis, symptoms of biliary colic or bowel problems.

Confirm the assumption of the patient about pain in right kidney specialist can only according to the results of the survey and after setting one of the diagnoses:

• urolithiasis;
• nephroptosis, or prolapse of the kidney;
• pyelonephritis – an inflammatory process occurring in the renal pelvis;
• benign and malignant tumors;
• hydronephrosis of the right kidney.

Symptoms indicating kidney disease

The characteristic features of the inflammatory processes occurring in the right kidney are pain in the right side, in the lumbar region and lower abdomen, chills, fever, frequent urination, nausea and vomiting. However, it sometimes happens that the pain in the right kidney is not a symptom of diseases of the urinary system. Therefore, with the emergence of the slightest deviations in health should contact a doctor.
Pain in the kidneys warm it is strictly prohibited. Such an event may serve as a stimulus to the accumulation of pus.

Symptoms of kidney conditions is represented by the following episodes of ill health:
• turbid urine, content of sand, small stones, impurities of the blood;
• frequent urination in which the urine in small quantities;
• a sharp decrease in daily intake of urine;
• burning sensation of the genitals when urinating;
• pain in region of kidneys and loins.

Prevention of renal diseases

To avoid kidney problems, you should observe the drinking regime. The idea is that the consumption of water should fully cover the cost of the body without exhausting. In the treatment process of the kidneys is to drink mineral water is not recommended because of their inferior function can cause the formation of stones.
Pregnant women to prevent kidney disease should drink cranberry juice. Tight underwear, you need to replace the comfortable, made of cotton fabrics.

From the diet should exclude all spicy, salty, fried and smoked foods, foods, foods. To replenish the body's need the nutrients will help the fresh vegetables, eggs, cream, boiled meat and fish, brown bread. With regard to physical activity, is prohibited running and jumping, carrying heavy loads, shaking on the bumps in public transport.