Advice 1: Why it hurts to sleep on right side

Sleep is essential for the body to relaxation and recuperate. Complete rest can be obtained when you do not care, but if it hurts to sleep on my right side – always think about your health. Localization of pain may indicate improper functioning of the liver, right-sided pleurisy, osteoarthritis, and other ailments.
It hurts to sleep on right side
The most frequent pain symptoms, it is on the right side, accompanied by pathologic processes in the liver such as hepatitis or cirrhosis. Inflamed liver sensitive to any adverse factors. When your body relaxes during sleep, slowing blood flow and stress on the liver increases, causing pain. In case of violation of the functional state of the liver cannot break, and in the position lying on his right side and other abdominal organs (stomach, intestines) begin a little to put pressure on the liver which causes an acute inflammation and pain.

The presence of gallstones and inflammation of it, that is the cholecystitis, also will not let you sleep on the right side. If you lie in this position, you will provoke the obstruction of outflow of bile in the biliary pathways, and its stagnation exacerbates inflammation and causes a new spasm of pain.

In pathology of the liver and gallbladder sleep on my left side - in this position, the bile ducts work better and easier occurs the blood supply to the liver. If you have cholelithiasis, you can sleep with a warm hot water bottle, gently pressing it to the right quadrant.

To sleep on the right side is impossible because of the pain, if you caught cold the day before - for example, exposed to cold rain or swim in a cool lake. In this case, may develop reactive inflammation in the pleural of the lungs by the type of pleurisy. When right-sided pleurisy you will not be able to sleep on that side because the pericardial fluid that accumulate during inflammation, will put pressure on the pleura and reinforce the pain. In addition to pain symptoms, a strong cough and will increase the temperature.

When the above symptoms need urgent help of a specialist, who will prescribe a course of combined broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Aching pain in the right side can cause osteochondrosis of the cervical or thoracic spine, which presses the nerve on the right side of the spinous processes of the vertebrae. The pain from Boca will be given in the right hand, and sleep on the back or on the other side.

To facilitate resort to the course of physical therapy. Out of aggravation will by using only this treatment by physiotherapy and massage. Syndrome pain will soon go away, but can always be repeated.

If you sleep on the right side that hurts you for the first time and not observed any disease, but before you were involved in a fight or a bad fall, it is worth considering – whether you have broken ribs. An additional symptom of this disease is to limit the expansion of the chest, that is, you will hurt to breathe deeply.

For help, contact your doctor, he will prescribe x-rays of the chest and the appropriate treatment.

Advice 2: Can baby sleep on side

Parents sometimes tormented by the question of whether, in what position should the baby sleep. On the one hand, it's simple – a child can sleep as it is more convenient. On the other hand, many of you have probably heard that sleeping on your side threat.
Can baby sleep on side
Snoring peacefully sleeping baby is a very touching sight. However, many parents very hard to put their children to sleep, and they have to go to different tricks.

In what position should sleep a very young child?

If you do not know how and in what position is better to put down your baby, remember that it all depends on the age of the child. So, infants and children up to six months, on the contrary, it is recommended to lay on his side. In the supine position, the baby may spit up and choke after that. Such a situation is not rare. In the prone position on a stomachthe child is not always comfortable, besides there is a danger that the baby head hit the pillow and also suffocate. It remains only to put the baby on its side and flip it regularly so it did not numb the side of the body on which he lies.
Turn the sleeping baby on the left side and right side.

In addition, you should know that a small child not to put his head on the pillow, as this can cause curvature of the spine.

In what position to sleep to older children?

As for older children, discussion of possible poses for high-quality sleep is for a long time. Each physician has their own idea about how and in what position should the baby sleep. Sleep on your left side creates a serious strain on the heart and impairs blood circulation. At the same time, scientists did some research and found out that sleeping on your left side extends life.
Examples are the Tibetan monks who sleep on their left side and maintain good health almost up to 120 years.

This position during sleep is not recommended for children with a predisposition to cardiovascular disease. The fact that all of the load when falling asleep on your left side is immediately transferred to the right lung, and this may affect negatively on the work of the right hemisphere of the brain and on circulation. In addition, when a person lies for a long time on the left side, he aktiviziruyutsya the liver and increases metabolism, because through the right part of the body is the energy that increases the workload on the heart. So pediatricians are very strongly expressed about children sleep in this position. Sleep on the right side, on the contrary, it is recommended, especially with straight legs. This position allows you to overcome feelings of sadness and anxiety. In this situation it is recommended to pack delicate and nervous children. When falling asleep in the position on the right side regulates the blood circulation and decreases stress on the heart.

The child sleep on his right side with slightly bent legs has a beneficial effect on activities of all organs of digestion.
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