Start treating the liver with the introduction of certain restrictions in food. Stop eating poorly and fatty foods. Fall under the ban of smoked, pickled fruits and vegetables, fatty meat, alcohol. And refrain from Smoking. Eat boiled vegetables, lean meat and fish. In cereals, do not add butter. Gradually you will notice that the liver became to bother you much less frequently.

Drink since morning a glass of mineral water with a high content of alkali. View, the label should be written that the mineral water is intended for the treatment of liver diseases. Good help "Essentuki", "Borjomi" or "Karachinskaya". But don't get carried away, because due to the high content of mineral salts can form stones in the kidneys.

If the pain in the liver is strong, drink a couple of pills drotaverina. The drug has a spasmolytic and choleretic effect. Drotaverine you can't take people who have low blood pressure. In this case the best fit "Allohol", however it has no analgesic effect.

Take milk Thistle 4 times a day. Milk Thistle belongs to the medications, cleanses the liver, removes bile and helps to restore damaged cells. The course of treatment should be between 1 to 3 months. Instead of milk Thistle "Karsil", it consists of the same medicinal plant. Available for sale, and more expensive drugs to the liver, e.g. "Essentiale". If you are unable to independently determine what exactly will suit you, it is better to consult your physician.

When the drugs to normalize the functions of liver do not help, you should contact the hospital and get tested. It is possible that you have gallstone disease or other disorders. Do not place blind hope that self-medication will help you in this case.