Stagnation of bile can be a symptom of serious diseases of the rectum, stomach, pelvis, nervous disorders, disorders of diet, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle. In order to cope effectively with this phenomenon, it is necessary to take not only drugs that promote the flow of bile, but also to treat the underlying disease that led to this problem.
The doctor will prescribe a complete examination, which includes biochemical analysis of blood, analysis of blood on antibodies to exclude parasitic infection, ultrasound diagnosis, remote sensing for the analysis of the bile, a survey of other bodies to identify the underlying disease that caused stagnation.
In some cases, when inflammation of the bile ducts, liver, gallbladder, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Since the presence of an inflammatory process will not lead to the results from the intake of choleretic drugs.
On the basis of the conducted studies will be assigned holekinetiki or haeretici. The first classification of drugs helps to reduce the gallbladder, the second one increases the production of bile.
Stagnation of bile is necessary to keep a balanced diet. Exclude from the diet of fatty, fried, spicy, canned foods, and nourishing broths, spices, and pastries. Should give preference to vegetable dishes, fruit. Every morning you should drink a glass of alkaline mineral water.
The pharmaceutical industry is full of various drugs that promote the flow of bile. But without a doctor's advice their intake can be extremely dangerous. If the gallbladder or in the ducts of the liver there is a foreign matter in the form of gallstones, cholagogue can cause sudden colic and rupture of the bile ducts. Therefore, it is completely unacceptable to appoint a drugs by yourself. If the examination revealed that the stones are absent, except doctor prescribed drugs it is possible to use traditional methods of cleansing the liver.
The solutions include reception choleretic and anti-inflammatory herbs: dandelion, peppermint, buckthorn bark, harrow, watches, wormwood, Hypericum, immortelle or taking herbs in the form of the choleretic fees.
Also widely used method of cleaning the liver at home. This takes warmer, olive oil, lemons, grapefruits. From lemons and grapefruit, squeeze juice, oil heat. The procedure is that consumed half a glass of oil, not to be sick – half a Cup of squeezed juice and the liver warmed with heating pads. Every hour need to repeat the taking the oil and juice. The procedure is carried out not less than 4-5 hours, which ensures complete cleansing of the liver and gallbladder from bile stasis. But before this manipulation is necessary to completely eliminate the presence of stones.
Also the flow of bile contribute to light exercise on the abdominal muscles, massage.