You will need
  • - easy analgesics;
  • - antispasmodics;
  • corn stigmas, Helichrysum, marjoram, chamomile, calendula.
Be sure to follow the diet. Eat only boiled and baked products, exclude from the diet fried, smoked, salty and fatty foods. And dieters need to adhere not only when things are bad and it hurts, but after the relief of the condition. Be sure to include in the diet dairy products, dishes of fruit and vegetables (not raw), various soups, porridges, compotes and jellies. If there is no appetite, do not force yourself to eat, but try not to starve too long.
Seek medical help. Some cases of acute cholecystitis should be treated only in a hospital, and sometimes even require removal of the gallbladder (rarely, but consult your doctor to do an ultrasound of the abdomen and pass the necessary tests will not prevent).
As therapeutic agents, use antispasmodics and, if necessary, easy painkillers, but about painkillers ask your doctor for advice. As antispasmodic perfectly well-known "no-Spa" (however, in addition there are many other, sometimes more effective medicines). Interestingly, antispasmodics not only relieve the uncomfortable symptoms and pain, they also have a therapeutic effect, removing spasms from the gallbladder and resuming normal flow of bile.
First time try to stay in bed or even just gentle. But once gone pain, not lie around on the bed. Moderate exercise, such as walking in the fresh air, will help to finally remove the attack of cholecystitis.
Do not forget about herbal medicine. There are many herbs that improve the flow of bile, which can be used in case of cholecystitis. It's corn stigmas, Helichrysum, marjoram, chamomile, calendula. There are also many special choleretic fees. However, to choose a suitable in a particular case (after all, cholecystitis is different) is better together with your doctor.
More serious pharmaceuticals, and special medical operations, appoint a doctor. Do not self-medicate, and in the case of the deterioration of the situation (sharp increase of pain, temperature rise), immediately seek medical help.