Pain in the gallbladder

Often the pain in the gallbladder triggered by overeating, stress, or emotional disorder. In fact gall bladder is a pouch of small size in the right lower part of the torso. It is located near the liver. The gallbladder is part of the digestive system since bile helps the breakdown of fats.

It is worth noting that causes strong pain in the gall bladder can be stones. When excessive amount of cholesterol they are formed of hardened bile. Dehydration and concentration of bile often leads to loss of stones. They do not cause discomfort as long as you are stationary. If under the influence of any physiological factors or loads the data of the foreign body move or block the bile duct, then there is a blockade of the natural flow of bile. As a result there is acute pain in the region of the gallbladder, which can last several hours. In this case, you should immediately call an ambulance.

First aid for pain in the gall bladder

Pain in the gallbladder to determine the true cause and prescribe treatment only by a qualified specialist. If the cause is known, it is not associated with chronic gallbladder diseases, diverticulitis and peptic ulcer disease, eliminate discomfort, possible on their own.

First, it is not necessary to lift weights and over exert yourself. Second, the pain subsided, should take prescription drugs.

Note: when the pain in the gallbladder is strictly prohibited the use of anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g., aspirin). Also should be excluded from the diet of the patient alcohol-containing foods and drinks, caffeine. The use of enemas is also not allowed for problems with the gall bladder.

Diseases accompanied by pain in the gallbladder

There are a number of diseases, the symptoms of which are pain of the gallbladder directly.

Chronic cholecystitis is a disease that is caused by inflammation of the gallbladder. Also it may be accompanied by displacement and loss of stones. Cholecystitis cause, toxins, fungi, Giardia and bacteria. Overeating often causes the development of this disease.

Malformation of the gallbladder often cause pain. To diagnose this cause by using ultrasound.

Biliary dyskinesia and gallbladder is a disease in which there is no coordination in the work of the sphincters. It is a functional disorder. Reasons it could be dysbiosis, an unbalanced diet, inflammation of the pelvic organs, thyroid dysfunction, obesity, neurosis, etc.