Best rates for contractors

To know your current tariff plan MTS dial *100# and press the call button. The screen will display information about the account status, expiration date, mobile number and the actual tariff plan. By far the best tariffs for MTS contract subscribers are considered several tariff models – "First", "Free" and "penny".

Query the current balance is free in the MTS network, and with roaming.

The core group of the best rates, the MTS consists of tariff plans "First" and "Free", the first minute of a call which is several times greater than all subsequent conversational moments. These fares are best suited to subscribers who have a long conversation on the phone. Also best rates for the contract MTS tariff apply the model of "penny", which allows the subscriber to pay for the first minute of one penny and over the next conversational minutes – 15 cents.

The most competitive rates

Most beneficial MTS are "Super MTS" and "Unlimited Ultra". "Super MTS" allows to make free calls from the first minute, without any additional conditions on the regional and local MTS numbers in the region. For communication is given 100 free minutes on local MTS numbers and 100 free calls to all Russian numbers. In addition, a subscriber receives free Internet, SMS and access to social networks.

Parents can connect children's package "Super MTS" and to always be with the child.

"Unlimited Ultra", is considered the best fare, because it provides virtually unlimited conversations when you call to any Moscow and regional numbers with a monthly cost of 1800 rubles. In addition, subscribers of "Unlimited ultra" get unlimited Internet with unlimited speed, unlimited SMS and unlimited roaming calls in Russia. In this tariff plan also includes 150 outbound minutes every day of any settlement of Russia. Subscribers in the Moscow region, in addition to unlimited text, get unlimited MMS.

Not less favorable today is the tariff "Unlimited Russia", which includes 6,000 spoken minutes and 6000 SMS monthly to all Russian numbers from any point of Russia, as well as 15 gigabytes of Internet with unlimited speed PR monthly fee is 3000 rubles a month.