Technical background

On the Russian market of cellular communication there is a strong competition between the major players. It is "Beeline", "MegaFon" and "MTS", which are used by more than 60% of Russia's population. With the development of wireless communication channels, the operators were forced to abandon the frankly extortionate tariffs for mobile Internet and to develop the broadband network 3G standard. Later all, implementation of this standard has occurred "Beeline", as the equipment on the combs left much to be desired.

A pioneer in this area became "the Megaphone" which has offered and offers to this day a wide range of unlimited Internet tariffs. This is actively facilitated by the fact that this operator uses equipment of high quality American and European production.

Line rates

The Internet access is available on all tariffs offered by mobile operators. Exist as a separate Internet tariffs and tariff options that provide unlimited access to the Internet. Their price directly depends on the offer rate and the threshold of its limitations. A wide range of tariff options can boast of "MegaFon" and "MTS". Their quality can float from region to region.

For example, the position "a Megaphone" the most severe in the Volga region, where the quality of mobile Internet traditionally on top, and "MTS" and "Beeline" can boast of good Internet only in Moscow and the Moscow region. The price of these mobile Internet operators can range from a few rubles to 1,000 rubles per month in the absence of any speed thresholds.
Russian mobile operators offer customers a line of smartphones and tablets running on the Internet in 3G networks. However, the quality until it leaves much to be desired.

3G/4G modems

All Russian mobile operators offer USB modems that can be used to access the Internet at a decent speed. To choose their costs very carefully. The worst quality, according to consumer reviews, are the modems from MTS. The best in this respect are considered "MegaFon" and "Beeline". The price on them favorably sold MTS. Recently MegaFon has introduced a line of 4G modems, the speed of which is advantageously differs from 3G counterparts. They are well suited for those who just need to have a permanent access to the Internet anywhere within the coverage area of the network.
"Beeline" and "MegaFon", in addition to Internet access, offering its users access to various entertainment content, which does not charged. It's a game server, network file sharing etc.

More recently, in the mobile Internet market has a serious competitor in the person "Rostelecom". It offers unlimited Internet tariffs based on 3G networks at very competitive prices, but phone calls are very expensive. Therefore, consider it as a full-fledged cellular operator is not necessary.