You will need
  • - mobile phone with SIM-card of MTS;
  • - access to the Internet.
Any subscriber can use the free mobile portal "MTS Service". To access it dial on your phone *111#. On the phone screen will appear the main menu "MTS Service". Next to each item, the decrees of the room. Hit "Reply", type the number of the paragraph "Rates" and hit the call button. A new menu will appear in which you can find out information about your tariff or to view a list of all of the proposals. For the selection of the tariff plan hit "Reply" and type "2". Next, from the drop-down list, select the desired rate and submit the request. You will then be taken to the menu of the tariff plan in which you can connect to it by sending a request with the item number "tariff Change".
In the description of each plan on the official website of MTS set the USSD request code. In order to change your current rate for the selected, send this code from your phone.
Also to manage your tariff, you can use the service "Internet assistant", which is located on MTS site in the section "Assistance and service". Login to access the service is your number and the password you need to install yourself. To do this, send an SMS with the text "25 [space] ****" room 111, where instead of stars you need to specify your chosen password. After login in the "Internet assistant" will appear on the main menu, which has a section "Tariff plans". Going into it, you can change your current rate.
If you have any difficulty modifying a tariff plan, you can always ask for help from the employees in a corporate store or contact center of MTS.