The operator MTS has two main suggestions for phones are the tariffs of "Bits" and "Superbit". The second version is the extended, more expensive and provides a lot of additional opportunities.

The rate of "Bit" MTS-connect and disconnect

Pay for the service "Bits" is 200 rubles/month, no restrictions on speed. You can use 75 MB of traffic per day. Tariff plan "Bit" from MTS is suitable for social networking, for correspondence, as well as visiting various blogs, websites and forums. Keep in mind that the service will operate only on site in your region.

To connect use Internet assistant: you need to send a message 252 to the number 111. Also you can dial *252#Button "Call" or *111*252*1#Button "Call".

If you want to disable "Bit on MTS, you need to dial *252*0#Button "Call" or *111*252*2#Button "Call".

Tariff "Superbit" MTS-connect and disconnect

The cost is 300 rubles per month. Unlimited speed no Internet. Tariff plan relevant for the whole territory of Russia. Traffic is more than 3 GB per month. Thus, the "Superbit" allows not only to communicate in social networks and to visit sites and upload videos and music.

To connect send to 111 message text 628. Also you can dial from your mobile *628#Button "Call" or *111*628*1#Button "Call".

To deactivate the "Superbit" from MTS, you must do the following: *111*628*2#Button "Call".

Thus, to connect mobile Internet from MTS (service Bit" and "Superbit") is quite simple. And then you can easily enjoy the benefits of your plan and to use the Internet.