This package is valid on prepaid system. The subscription fee is 200 rubles per month.

For the amount to the subscribers Smart mini (Smart mini) MTS provides the following monthly services:

  • 1000 minutes on MTS phones in Russia;
  • 50 SMS to subscribers of your home region;
  • unlimited calls to MTS numbers, carried out in the home region;
  • 500 MB of Internet traffic.

Internet package 1 GB per month included in the monthly fee is only for the first 2 months of using this tariff. Keep this in mind when connecting.

Also remember that if you spend the entire Internet traffic in the future, the Internet will be completely blocked. To continue using the Internet you can use "Turbo button" MTS.

The cost of 1 minute call on numbers of other operators costs 1.5 ruble. More information can be found on the website of the operator specifically for your region.

To connect to rate Smart mini (Smart mini) from MTS, you need to do the following.

The first way is through the salon MTS. If you are having connection problems, you can always contact the office of the company and with the help of consultants to connect you need rates and services. Don't forget to bring your identity document.

The second method. You can request a change of tariff-free room single reference operator MTS 8(800)333-08-90 or simply dial on your phone combination 0890. With the tips of the operator or the IVR you can make your desired action.

The third method is by using commands typed on the phone. Dial *111*1023# and then press call. After a while you will get a reply message that contains information that the Smart mini tariff MTS is successfully connected.

The transition to this tariff are free. The cost of connection tariff for new subscribers of MTS is 195 rubles.

Keep in mind that to disable the rate Smart mini (Smart mini) MTS can all the methods mentioned above.

Remember the following the combination *100*1# to allow you to check the balance of package SMS, minutes and Internet included in the monthly fee. Also, this information you can learn in your personal account.