Choice unlimited tariff

The largest cellular operators of Russia, "MTS", "MegaFon" and "Beeline", offer a wide range of unlimited mobile tariffs. Their value depends, primarily, on the maximum connection speed and the threshold speed limit. It is therefore right to call them conditionally unlimited. Full rate, no thresholds on the speed, will cost much more expensive.

To choose a service provider, unlimited mobile Internet, we must examine the reviews online and to talk with those who have long enjoyed the mobile Internet. From region to region the situation varies. For example, in the Volga region the leader in quality and price is "MegaFon", while in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and the suburbs the best is "MTS".

Different mobile devices work differently on the Internet. Modern smartphones mostly support 3G and even 4G, than can not boast of regular mobile phones. If a person is planning to check email from your mobile and use Internet messengers, it fits the budget conditionally unlimited tariff (for example, the cheapest fare you can find MegaFon, its price is around 135 rubles per month, and the day the subscriber is given 100 MB of mobile Internet with no restrictions on speed). But if he actively uses video calls, shakes, listening to music and watching video online, he will have to fork out for the fare, which would cost at least 500-600 rubles a month, and sometimes exceed 1,000 rubles, if we are talking about a full unlimited plan, without any conditionalities.

Procedure of unlimited Internet connection

We must first ensure that your phone supports mobile Internet at the required speed. If we are talking about smartphone models in recent years, it will maintain your broadband Internet 3G/4G, if not, then in the worst case, you will have to use outdated technology GPRS.

To connect no need to go to the office operator. Just go to his official website to choose your current region and connecting a SIM card and go to section category Internet service. The buyer will be offered the whole range of existing tariffs. To connect any of them will either need to send a free SMS to a specified number, or enter a special USSD code. After the input, press the call button. It is possible that the connection will be charged some amount from the account, this should be written on the website. In the future, the monthly fee will be charged once a day or a month, the same day when the service was activated.